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New UK skate magazine – The Skateboarder’s Companion

Monday, January 25th, 2021

Big news this month with the release of the premiere issue of The Skateboarder’s Companion.
Headed up by long-term skateboard bods and former Sidewalk Magazine staff Leo Sharp and Ryan Gray, issue one sets out their stall with no punches pulled.
It’s been a long, long time since anybody could walk into a newsagents or a branch of WHSmiths and buy a national skateboard magazine eh?
The Skateboarder’s Companion is set to be a quarterly and will be available in limited numbers from skate stores (including us), available in magazine stockists across the country (see here for info on stockists) and also available in subscription format from their website –

The vibe of issue one places The Skateboarder’s Companion very much in the hot seat as a nationally-focused publication with skaters from all over the UK featuring on its glossy pages.
Equally as exciting is their immediate embrace of the female skateboard scene with more page and web space devoted to women than has been customary until very recently.
Put simply we’re backing this one hard, for that box fresh new mag smell alone, (although thinking about it, that’s almost glue-sniffing in some respects so take it easy).

Up top you can see the first exclusive video release from The Skateboarder’s Companion with a brace of banging footage from their inaugural trip up north featuring the likes of Denis Lynn, Dee Collins, Ben Leyden and more, crafted by long time lens man Mike ‘Tidy’ Pearson.
Extra points to those of you who can correctly name the video part/video/company that said Tidy video pays homage to. You’ll win precisely nothing but you’ll get bragging rights inside your own skull.

All that remains to be said is – search out a copy of The Skateboarder’s Companion for yourself before they’re gone and of course – follow them on their social channels.
Big up Geggs and Big L.
Instagram: @theskateboarderscompanion
Twitter: @companionskate

Grey Skate Mag – Bridget – A Vans Europe Skate Video

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Grey Skate Mag – Vans Bridget Video

Our own Black Sheep team rider Jordan Sharkey took on Marseille this January and (like always) Sharkey does not disappoint. Effortlessly skating huge spots, is there nothing this boy can’t do a flip trick over…? He’s just reminding us why he’s considered one of the finest at the moment in this Video: Vans Bridget.


Along with Jordan Sharkey Bridget features Ben Broyd, Shaun Currie, Denis Lynn, Victor Pellegrin, Jordan Thackeray and Josh Young. Watch to the end to see some heavy slams from these boys. Bridget is a film by Siruf F Gahan for Grey and Vans Europe. This edit is showcasing some real UK talent. Why not go see more skate films and art work from Siruf on his website.


As well as that head over to Grey to see Bidget as well as more amazing, perfectly filmed skateboarding:


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