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Dennis Busenitz’s “Greatest Hits” Video

Thursday, May 5th, 2016




I would personally like to thank Thrasher Magazine for sharing the new Dennis Busenitz’s ‘Greatest Hits’ video with me today. Dennis Busenitz, for those that don’t know is one of the fastest skaters out there. There’s a few others that skate incredible fast but no one does it better than Dennis. He is a skateboard technician, a down to earth dude and I’m so stoked he picked up a skateboard when he was a kid. This video is a compilation of various video parts that he has released over the years. There’s some tricks in there from Real skateboards ‘Roll Forever’ video that is worth watching as a whole. This video also couldn’t have come at a better time as Adidas Skateboarding are releasing their new video ‘Away Days’ very soon and I’m sure there will be a Dennis part featured. For now, watch the master at work and get hyped to go out and shred in the unexpected Manchester sunshine.


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