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Adidas Drake Jones Superstar Release Saturday!

Thursday, June 11th, 2015


This Saturday (13/06/15) see’s the release of the Adidas Skateboarding Drake Jones Superstar which will be available in store and online. If anything like the release of the last Adidas ‘Respect Your Roots’ Kareem Campbell’s don’t be sleeping on these ones. Limited stock available on a first come first served basis.




As part of the brand wide celebration of the iconic Adidas Superstar, Adidas Skateboarding honors Kareem Campbell, Joey Bast, Richard Angelides and Drake Jones for its ‘Respect Your Roots’ tribute series. Each skateboarder has their own color way plus their own signature silhouette along with their name and the Stan Smith style portrait picture on them. There will also be limited edition t-shirts each with an iconic image of them reminding us of the legacy that they have given to the world of skateboarding!






Seen as a street skating pioneer, San Francisco’s Drake Jones was one of the most iconic skateboarders of the nineties, paving the way for how the modern day scene and street skating culture has come to evolve. Check out his section from Real Skateboards ‘Non Fiction’ from 1997, or even his small part in the Spitfire wheels video – Spitfire from 1993 and you can see that same style of skating street, whether its hitting a set of stairs or doing a technical line on blocks or ledges has surely been influenced by Drake. Although now retired you can still see his legacy within today’s skateboarding. Drake has still been involved with the skateboarding scene, from working at Black Box distribution, interviews in magazines, various web clips and now his latest work with Adidas skateboarding.