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Ghetto Wear is Back! Reissuing a Classic Skate Brand

Saturday, July 7th, 2018



Ghetto Wear is Back!



Dwindle Distribution are bringing back a classic brand we haven’t seen for a while… Who remembers Ghetto Wear? If you know, you know. For those of you who are too young, or just lacking on your skate history, Ghetto Wear was a brand that launched in 1991. The brand was developed by none other than skateboarding legends Steve Rocco and Rodeny Mullen. The brand was known for it’s cargo pants that were all over the skate scene in the 90’s. Jason Lee and the Gonz were renowned for rocking Ghetto Wear and spreading the cargo pant popularity.



Ghetto Wear was the first stand alone clothing brand to be born from skateboarding. They pioneered the way for other clothing companies that followed. Ghetto Wear was notoriously hard to get your hands on, it was before the days of limited drops of clothing lines, but it was the same deal. Everyone wanted them, all the sick skaters had them, but no one could get their hands on them. Just because of the nature of the stock Ghetto had it meant the cargo pants and shorts were highly sought after. This is what we now know as a selling technique that exclusive brands like supreme and palace thrive on.



Of course, we will be stocking these reissue’s so keep an eye on the website for them. I mean it’s about time Ghetto Wear was brought back to life, especially as the classic baggy canvas trouser is the new staple pant for skaters around the world. So go show some love to this super niche brand. We all love a bit of 90’s nostalgia, it was a better time after all…



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Kris Vile in LA for Almost Skateboards

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017


It’s no doubt that Kris Vile is one of the most on it and productive skateboarders from the UK. Hailing from the often gloomy west midlands, the UK Vans rider never lets the rain dampen his efforts. A killer on pretty much everything on his skateboard whether it be street, ramp or park he has more motivation than most. Kris recently took a ten day trip over to LA to shoot some photos and film some footage for Almost Skateboards and Dwindle Distribution, his efforts come in the form on the edit below and for only being there for a short period of time only shows what an all rounder he is. Click play then head over to the Sidewalk website for the accompanying interview.



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Dwindle Distribution – European Summer Tour

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016


Heads up because there’s going to be some heavy hitting skateboarding coming to the UK as part of Dwindle Distribution’s European Summer Holiday Tour, which kicks off here in England later this week. There are only two UK dates set which are Friday 29th July at Bay Sixty6 in London followed by Saturday 30th which will be at Projeckts MCR ( The Pump Cage) with things getting underway from 6pm. Dwindle distribute some of your favorite skateboard companies like Zero, Cliche, Enjoi, Almost , Blind and Darkstar. With a crew consisting of Chris Haslam, TJ Rogers, Zack Wallin, Flo Mirtain, Ryan Decenzo, Tommy Sandoval, Kris Vile, Kyron Davis and Ben Raemers all coming for a shred you can expect this one to go off at the cage and will be one not to miss.



Deck Of The Week – Enjoi

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Enjoi skateboard company has come a long way from being founded in 2000 by now Chocolate rider Marc Johnson with help from the legend that is Rodney Mullen. With a team consisting of some of the best professionals such as Caswell Berry, Jimmy Carlin, Louie Barletta, Jose rojo, Nester Judkins, Zack Wallin,  Wieger Van Wageningen and Ben Raemers it’s easy to see the excitement when a new drop from Enjoi comes into store! Enjoi have always had some of the funniest board graphics and adverts over the years and this series is no different.  Enjoi are probably the only company that don’t use their team riders doing actual skateboarding tricks in their adverts. Instead they use witty ads that depict skateboarding in a non-skateboarding way. In the most recent board series world famous pieces of art have been given the Enjoi twist! This weeks deck of the week is brought to you from their classic art series! Louie Barletta’s mug shot put onto the body of the Mona Lisa is priceless! 





Along with the ‘Mona Louie’ 7.75” deck there is also the ‘Birth Of Nestor’ and ‘Wieger Van David’ both 8” and then Jose Rojo’s pro model the ‘Jose Zapata’ at 8.25”.  These boards and more Enjoi product  are available now online and in store, they also come with free grip when you buy your deck from us! They would also look pretty nice hanging on a wall somewhere in your house, there classic art pieces after all!