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Happy Easter – Egg Head Skaters

Friday, March 25th, 2016


In conjunction with the Easter weekend, I thought we would keep everything Egg based. I’m sure a lot of you will already have tucked into at least one Easter Egg or maybe more so why not watch a load of skate sections. Featuring dudes with Egg heads! Please do not be offended, got to keep with the Easter theme after all haven’t I.





Who better to start with then Matt Mumford, one of skateboarding’s veterans. An absolute legend who has given so much to skateboarding. Releasing parts for generations although I’ve gone with his ‘Misled Youth’ section as it’s one of the best.





The next Egg Head to the collection is none other than the legend himself, Mike Vallely. At various stages of his career he rocked the bald head look allowing him to featured in the article.





Andy Roy is an Egg Head not to be messed with. He’s a gnarly dude, rad skater and mad Egg Head off his board.





The next Egg Head is Rodney Mullen. I have included good old Rodney not because the shape of his head but simply because he is an extremely intellectual dude. You thought Steven Hawkings was clever, think again.





Jason may not be a skater but lets appreciate that EGG HEAD!





Finally to finish off with have Marc Johnson. Probably the best skating Egg Head we will ever be graced with. Watch his 3 part section from Lakai’s ‘Fully Flared’ video as it’s bloody brilliant.


eggcellent 1



As well as all these powerful sections we are also holding some eggcellent weekend deals. First of all you need to follow our our Instagram to get involved. For now though take a look below to gather an idea of what we will be doing and what’s up for grabs….


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