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Sidewalk – Tim Hines interviews Jordan Sharkey

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Sidewalk: Tim Hines interviews Jordan Sharkey



Tim Hines has just put out another interview, and this time with our own Jordan Sharkey. You can see the full interview here on Tim’s blog.




In this quick interview Sharkey talks life post winning the Element Make it Count contest. As well as European skate trips, living in Madrid and plans for future parts. Tim touches on Sharkey’s recent involvement in Nocturnup. A film presented by Transworld Skateboarding and filmed by Nick Richards (AKA Nick the Bastard), Nocturnup is filmed exclusively on the streets of Hong Kong after dark. So if you’ve not already seen Nocturnup go and check our previous blog post on the video:



Finally, a big thanks to Sidewalk for sharing the content and of course to Tim for putting this out.

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Tim Hines interviews Jordan Sharkey

Jordan Sharkey



Jarne Verbruggen turns pro for Element

Monday, September 18th, 2017


Long serving ripper and global jet setter Jarne Verbruggen has just been turned pro for Element and as expected has dropped a banging part to go alongside the announcement. One of Belgium’s finest exports, Jarne goes fully in on this one, showing just what it takes to be in the pro ranks these days. Click play for three minutes of better than average skateboarding, amazing spots, crazy slams and cameos from Nassim Guammaz, Jacopo Carozzi and other related heads.



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Element – Phil Zwijsen ”Waterproof”

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


If there is one thing that we are used to round here it’s the moment when that enjoyable session gets ruined by the rain. Only a select number of people can seemingly get away with pulling something out of the bag whilst the heavens open above. The most famous example would be Pat Duffy’s gnarly back lip down a handrail at the end of his 1992 part in Plan B’s Questionable video. Nobody has really tried to use the wet to their full advantage as a creative way of doing tricks that are pretty much unthinkable without it…until now! Enter Phil Zwijsen, to mark his pro debut for Element Europe he has released his ”Waterproof” part which consists of nothing but rain footage. Well apart from one or two tricks where the spot has been soaked thanks to the use of a hose but it still counts as wet right ?! As you can probably imagine there’s lots of powerslide variations, hippie jumps, nasty slams, firecrackers thrown in for good measure and the all important mind boggling makes. Click play below now to see what Phil brings to the dampened table and don;t complain when it starts to rain!






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