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Element X Keith Haring – Full Range Coming Soon

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Element X Keith Haring

Element X Keith Haring


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Apart from Warhol, Keith Haring is probably the most iconic artist to come out of the Pop Art movement. I’m sure you are all aware of his work, Haring’s stick men style characters are instantly recognizable, and they are due to grace a full range if Element apparel.



Haring passed away back in 1990 but his work has stood.the test of time and is still enjoyed all over the world. Haring is a pretty important dude, he and his work helped pioneer the AIDs awareness movement. His work is super political and is still used today as a symbol of equality and rebellion.



Any skaters who are hitting Barcelona any time soon, be sure to check out the mural he painted near MACBA. An important piece of history that.


But anyway, we are happy to let you guys.know we will be stocking the full range of this Keith Haring x Element Skateboards apparel and accessories. Caps, bags, shirts, grip tape and more coming soon.


You’ll be able to shop this collab here:

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