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Emerica skate shoes latest video ‘Green’

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Emerica skate shoes latest video ‘Green’ is here and it’s an amazing 18 minutes of the traditional, progressive street-hammering we’ve all come to expect from the brand.
Emerica is one of the stalwarts of the skater-owned shoe universe: the brand that gave us epoch-forming video sections from the likes of Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart and Ed Templeton to name but a few of the greats who have at one point laced up signature Emerica shoes. Over the last few years the brand has suffered the loss of a few of its biggest names – Heath Kirchart to retirement, Ed Templeton to vegan ice cream and creepy pier photography, Jerry Hsu to the world of Sci Fi and Fantasy and, most recent and most notably, long time flagship rider Andrew Reynolds shifting over to an as yet not entirely explained in full deal with Vans.

Emerica skate shoes latest video 'Green'

The Emericans have taken it on the chin and have come back swinging with this latest 18 minute online follow up to the equally incredible Made Chapter 2 (their last full-length release), which you can see below.
Newest recruits Dakota Servold and Erick Winkowski absolutely kill it, as do Emerica long-servers Figgy, Colin Provost, Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long and various others. The curtains belong to Deathwish’s own recently sober leader of farm-hand inspired street wear and by God, does John Dickson come through. For such a beefy dude, his finesse is untouchable and despite being dressed like Lenny from Of Mice and Men, I’d trust him to pet my new puppy, no problem.
As always with Emerica – this is straight forward, zero gimmicks skateboarding.





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If this one’s left you hungry for more Emerica, then we recommend checking out the 2016 History of Emerica skate videos clip below. Lots of classic footage from riders new and old and some reminders of why their video back catalogue is one of the most iconic in skateboarding.

Jerry Hsu’s “Made Chapter 2” B-Sides

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


Jerry Hsu is known for fully going in and giving it everything when he films a video part. His MADE Chapter 2 part is no exception. Thrasher Magazine have now released his B-Sides which contains the makes,the near makes and of course the slams that Jerry went through filming this incredible part. Click play below and give it a watch yourself.



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Andrew Reynolds – Made Chapter 2 B-Sides

Saturday, November 5th, 2016


Six minutes of shredding from Andrew Reynolds’ Emerica Made Chapter 2 B-sides. He said that he didn’t expect to top his previous parts but the section that he has delivered showcases his evolution as a skater without understating his sheer ability and creativity. Just think about this for a moment, he won Thrasher’s SOTY back in 1998 and is still at the top of his game to this day. Whether its the fountain of youth or just the desired drive just to keep going Reynolds always delivers. We all know what he has accomplished over the years but this is something different in his own unique way, the Boss is the Boss for a reason.



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Manchester Wild In The Streets 2015

Friday, September 18th, 2015





That’s right, its incoming, Manchester Wild In The Streets 2015 is nearly upon us!
Emerica footwear’s Wild In The Streets event was first held on the streets on New York back in 2004. The event was based on mass bicycle rides, reclaim the streets festivals and motorcycle rallies. It has now been a yearly event in the skateboarding calendar, and over the past several years has spread all over the world. From New York to London, Paris to Madrid, this is one you don’t want to miss! The idea behind the event is simple, Wild In The streets aims to bring together skateboarders of all ages, abilities, colour and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in a celebration of pure skateboarding! It asserts that the essence of skateboarding and being a skateboarder is to be able to reinterpret our surroundings, using our environment to our advantage to create fun. The event also aims to show that skateboarding belongs where it was born, on the streets and that the conventional competitions and events are carefully re-packaged for mainstream corporate consumption. This in effect is a misinterpretation of what skateboarding is all about!



So get Sunday 27th of September in your diary, spread the word and be at Urbis from 1pm to join the Manchester leg of Wild In The Streets. Expect to skate all over the city, hitting up numerous iconic Manchester spots on the way. There will be a heap of prizes up for grabs and numerous Black Sheep riders will be in attendance! Check out how rad some of the previous years have been by watching the videos below, let’s make the Manchester event the best one up to now but that can only be done by you, your mates, your skate crew turning up and having it!













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