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Tom Penny is back on E’s footwear bust out the Accels

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Bust out the brown Accels because Tom Penny is back on E’s footwear. Increased typographic confusion aside, (is it Es, E’s eS or éS?), this is fantastic news. The most iconic and influential UK skateboarder of all time rejoining the skater-owned shoe co that he started out with? YéS please.
Joking aside, we’ve always found it difficult to associate Tom Penny with any other brand regardless of his sponsorship situation. Whilst Supra might have been paying him to wear their cricket pad moon boots, in the eyes of those who care, he was always destined to run éS again.
Sole Technologies, the mother brand of Etnies, Emerica and éS, dropped the news that Tom Penny is back on E’s footwear via their Instagram after rumours based on Teeps photos had suggested this news was coming.
I’m not entirely sure where this leaves the once mighty moon boot brand but that’s not our problem.
The insta clip that accompanied the news delighted the global Cult of Tom with some very recent and very dope footage of the mid 40’s wizard casually banging out perfect flip tricks down stairs like he was a teenager. Select ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie on your chosen music transmission device, lace up the Accels and go switch frontside flip a double set with your eyes shut in celebration. The Wizard has come home.

Tom Penny's back on E's footwear

In related éS news, Last week saw a banger of a release featuring the varied and undeniable talents of the European éS squad. éS Terminal 001 clocks in at just shy of 7 minutes and is packed with amazing skateboarding. Filmed by various heads and unified as a complete edit by Euro marketing bod and good friend of Black Sheep, Kevin Parrott – this is no throw away Euro trash montage. With UK representation from Dougie George and MK ledge-end James Bush sitting alongside cameos from Spanish skate royalty Enrique Lorenzo and book ended with some off the charts pop/tech from the ever nattily-dressed Marcus Shaw, this is a deffo must-watch. Big up éS for supporting this group of pan Euro belters.

Es Presents the Sal 20

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015



Es are celebrating 20 years of 100 percent commitment to skateboarding, design and innovation by relaunching the classic Sal 23 in a slimmed down limited edition version called the Sal 20. Sal Barbier’s original pro model on Etnies was one of the best selling skateboard shoes of all time and Sal was also Etnies offshoot brand Es’s very first team rider. October 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the Sal Barbier model appearing in the Es lineup. The shoe had a massive impact and contributed to how in depth companies now go into their shoe design. The video above sees Sal Barbier talking about the process of designing the shoe and even has footage of him still killing it on his board! Sal’s influence on skateboarding was like a pioneer of his time, doing things that nobody had dared to try before as Rob Welsh, Jeremy Wray and others remember in the short clip. The original Sal 23 was way ahead of its time when it was first released as an Etnies model, so much so that in 1995 when Es was launched it was the first shoe in the collection. The clear colour combinations along with the simple design are iconic and unmistakable. This is the reason a shoe like this, rather than others from back then are timeless and still appealing to this day. If you ask me they look just as good as they did when they originally came out!



Es Sal 20 Black



Es Sal 20 White


Available in black and off-white, these shoes have been anticipated for quite some time now! Whether you had a pair of the originals or want to try these classics out, I’m sure you will not be disappointed!


You can see the rest of our Es range here




és Footwear Navy Pack

Thursday, March 13th, 2014



After the initial UK release from E’s Skateboarding we’re now to be blessed with the “Navy Pack” and you best be ready as these are due in store and online tomorrow, 14/03/14.


This is now a World Wide date release but still distribution is being kept tight through very select skate shops and we’re honored to be one of the 8 chosen UK stockist.


All three styles will be available from a UK 7 through to a UK 12. As before we will have very limited stock on each size so if you missed out last time be sure to snap these up quick >>> es skate shoes <<<


Scan your cursor in a downward motion to see the és Accent, Accelerate and Accelite in the all new navy colour-way.