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February round up – Jake Wooten, Una Farrar, Cons x Krooked and more

Sunday, February 13th, 2022

Time flies when it’s bastard freezing eh? As such, here’s a February round up of content. These days it’s as though there are 5 sick videos dropping daily so it seems legit to do multi posts. Plus, we’ve slept on posting in February so far I guess, I blame the weather. Anyway, to the matter at hand: a February round up of recent content.

First up, is the video announcement that rubber-limbed transition slayer officially joined etnies (as of January 27th). If you’re aware of Jake Wooten’s previous behaviours, you’ll buzz off this power move. If you don’t already know who he is – get to know below. His etnies welcome part was filmed by Mike Manzoori too so there’s another bonus.

February round up – Jake Wooten, Una Farrar, Cons x Krooked and more

Once you’ve watched that, we strongly recommend catching up with Dime’s female representative and Vans head Una Farrar. Una has just dropped a short but banging section to coincide with landing the cover of new US publication Mess Skate Mag.

In related Vans video content news, the UK’s Skateboarder’s Companion magazine dropped a banger too. With Ben Broyd and Jordan Thackeray leading the charge – you know it’s going to be deece.

February round up – Jake Wooten, Una Farrar, Cons x Krooked and more

Next up in our February round up is the first (?) collab video of 2021.
Middle Earth serves up a Krooked skateboards rider captained clip to celebrate Mike Anderson’s Krooked x CTAS Pro Cons shoe. Alongside Mike you get Frank Gerwer, Brad Cromer, Eddie Cernicky, Raney Beres and Zered Bassett – so a half arsed shoe hawker this is not. Fire up the screens then get your nail scissors out – it’ll make sense later.

Penultimately, we come to Carharrt’s first video release in a decade. Inside Out is a slightly more cinematic take on a team video. Accidental Gullwing video references aside, there’s not a lot to dislike here. Go peep.

Last, but by no means, least comes a truly British clip courtesy of The Skateboarder’s Companion again. Stoked to see that they’ve resurrected the OG Sidewalk magazine ‘Raiders of the Lost Park’ series. Is there anything more authentically British than fannying around on dogshit council parks?
Thought not. Behold Mexborough in all its tin glory!

Rest in peace Bruce Kelliher AKA ‘Bruce the Ox’

And, as always, rest in peace to our dear friend Chris Barrett. Shine on mate.

Harry Lintell in Milan for Vague with Munro and Barney Page

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

Harry Lintell in Milan anyone? Vague magazine starting 2021 off with bang courtesy of Black Sheep family member Harry Lintell in Milan for Vague, alongside Charlie Munro and Barney Page. We’re not really sure if it’s appropriate to wish you all a Happy New Year seeing as our ever capable government have just locked us all in the house again but this will occupy 5 minutes where you’re not fretting about bog roll at least.
Hairy Lentils footage is always a treat, so seeing his ridiculous skills set alongside the equally mental abilities of UK cohorts Barney Page and Charlie Munro, is just adding delicious cherries to an already scrumptious skateboard cake. (Where am I going with this…?)

With UK-import and firm VX1000 favourite Quentin ‘@pertharms’ Guthrie behind the camera, you should know already that the filming and editing in this will be seamless and focused on showing the skating in the best possible light, which is sadly less common than it ought to be these days.
If you’re keen to see some of Quentin’s previous releases after watching this banger – we’d recommend starting with his 2016 maiden voyage (as far as UK footage goes) in the shape of ‘Brexit’ below.
If you enjoy that, (which you most definitely will) – head over to his pertharms YouTube channel for more.

Anyway, to return to the matter at hand, namely Harry Lintell in Milan for Vague: as you’d expect Harry royally fucks shit up, opening up the clip with a brace of tasty lines and introducing Mister Page and Munro who also deliver hard on the footage front. The UK trio are also joined by Milan resident and Baker skateboards pro Jacopo Carozzi who drops a line oozing with style and grace. Interestingly for a Milan clip, ‘Travel Corridor’ has minimal Milan train station plaza footage and offers up a bunch of new (to me at least) amazing spots from elsewhere in this Italian metropolis.
Two immense thumbs up for UK Primitive and New Balance Numeric rider Charlie Munro’s ender too – did somebody say ‘pinch’?
That’s it for now. Stay safe everyone.

Harry Lintell in Milan for Vague

Black Sheep family member Jiri Bulin for Piilgrim clothing

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020


Stoked on this for all kinds of reasons but not least as it sees Black Sheep family member Jiri Bulin take the curtains. ‘Chrysalis’ is the suitably psychedelic latest release from Mark Kendrick’s ethically-minded clothing brand Piilgrim. For those of you who don’t recognise Mark’s name – he’s been a face on the UK skate scene for many years, as both a ripper in his own right and the man behind the camera.
Piilgrim’s mission statement is to create clothing using ethical processes and to attempt to reduce waste involved to as close to zero as possible. Highly commendable stuff indeed.

For a more in-depth insight into Piilgrim and Mark Kendrick’s back catalogue of video produce to date – hit the link earlier in this sentence and read the interview that Jenkem Mag did to coincide with their online premiere of Chrysalis back in the darker depth of the Covid-19 lock down era.


Anyhow, onto the meat of this particular sandwich, (vegan meat substitute that is obviously). Chrysalis serves up a veritable smorgasbord of North West related rippers including Black Sheep family member Jiri Bulin, plus the likes of Keanu Robson, Zach Riley, Ricky Davidson, Jeremy Jones, UK legend Franklin Stephens plus recent US additions Corey Duffel and Pat Burke. The whole thing is absolutely banging from start to finish and all involved deserve hearty back slaps. If you missed the online premiere – now’s the time to wise your eyes up. Go peep.


In related Jiri Bulin news, our very own Czech Manc, his lovely family and an assortment of local heroes have also been hard at work during lock down creating DIY gold in otherwise unused space. If you’re keen to get involved with that project, either by donating funds, materials or your labour then go check out the Instagram account @beesidediy and/or sling them some funds through their Go Fund Me here.


Jiri is sponsored by Black Sheep, Toy Machine, Pig Wheels, Etnies, Theeve trucks and Piilgrim clothing.

Black Sheep family member Jiri Bulin

More bangers from Chris Joslin – Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe

Monday, March 30th, 2020

Fresh off the press (can you say that about digital media?) comes yet more knee-battering insanity from the one and only Chris Joslin to announce the release of the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe.
With this being his second signature shoe from etnies, all the relevant stops and have been pulled out and so, rather than being greeting with some weak sauce insta clip to herald yet another pair of kicks, etnies and Teenwolf have gone in here and gone in HARD.
If you’re after some tech specs on the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe then head over to the site for a full breakdown of this Chris Joslin designed beast that we already have in stock.

As far as the clip above is concerned – it’s absolutely bonkers as you’ll no doubt expect from the man almost single-handedly pushing stair and gap skating in a new superhuman direction whilst the vast majority of everyone else still seems to be obsessed with bumping into things and passing it off as creative. With that said, when you’ve set your own personal bar as high as Joslin has, you’d kind of be excused if you fancied mellowing out a bit but not this crazy Wolverine look-a-like.
This latest clip is just as fucked as everything else he has released to date and he shows no signs of chilling out. Thank God.

Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe

As the direct spiritual successor to the ‘fuck me that first video part just blew everyone’s mind’ crown initially worn by Pat Duffy (you shouldn’t need reminding but just in case, here’s his Questionable part) – Joslin entered the arena as a force of nature and has remained on a similarly insane frequency ever since. See below for a reminder of how next level his debut Plan B ‘True’ part was, just in case you’ve forgotten.

With all that said – get yourselves over to our web store and grab a pair of the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoes – we’re one of the first UK retailers to stock them, we’re offering FREE shipping on UK orders and Next Day delivery for only £1.95. We’re still running at capacity during the Corona virus shut down so if you’re shredding your back garden, now’s the time to stock up.

Along with the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe – we’ve also got a huge range of etnies product to choose from, plus pretty much anything skate related that you could need. You know what to do.

etnies Skateboarding crew hit Malaga

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Spain’s Costa Del Sol has long been a place of pilgrimage for skateboarders. Its mix of guaranteed good weather, spots galore and the generally relaxed Spanish attitude to the use of public space has cemented it as a tour staple and last week saw another chapter added to this as the refreshed etnies Skateboarding crew hit Malaga and the surrounding areas to come up with this tasty little treat.
‘Skating through Costa Del Sol’ sees a select cadre of etnies current skate team hitting up spots both new and established, following a path well-trodden by both the etnies brand, and skateboard culture as a whole for the last twenty years. Along for the ride in a camera-wielding capacity were UK skate heads Mike Manzoori and Kevin Parrott plus Element skateboards rider Nick Garcia, Spanish etnies head David Castells, Moroccan ripper-on-the-rise Nassim Lachhab and the latest quick-footed addition to the etnies crew, Finland’s Eetu Toropainen.



For those of you who don’t recognise some of the names involved in this one, check out the recent etnies release TRANSITOIRE which introduced Moroccan-born Nassim Lachlab to the global team, for a heads up on why this frizzy-haired ripper is currently makes waves globally. You can also read an excellent interview with Nassim Lachlab here courtesy of Free Skate Mag which tells his story of coming up in Rabat, Morocco, before moving to Barcelona and being recognised globally.

As for David Castells and etnies newest addition with the bound-to-be-incorrectly-spelled name Eetu Toropainen – the Costa Del Sol piece at the start ought to fill you in on their worthiness for free shoes methinks.



etnies is a one of only a few skater-owned shoe brands still out there killing it in the 21st century and their roots run deep with three decades of contributions to skate culture. As is always the case with these blog posts, what began as a simple decision to hype this latest etnies video slowly turned into me getting lost in the YouTube vortex so, if you’ll bear with me, here are a few etnies scented fruits that I rediscovered along the way that you can enjoy after watching the current etnies Skateboarding crew hit Malaga.

First off, any post mentioning etnies is duty bound to point all of your eyes at their timeless 1995 inaugural full-length video (released on VHS of course) – the truly epic etnies High 5. If you’ve never watched this before, stop whatever it is that you’re doing and paper over these cracks in your skate education right now.
Aside from Tom Penny‘s first ever full-length part, it also contains the likes of Eric Koston, Peter Smolik, Chad Muska, Jamie Thomas and Marc Johnson to name just a few. Sadly, all of the full-length uploads that I can find of this have had most of the music muted for copyright reasons, so watch the Penny piece below first, then follow the link in this sentence to watch the whole (albeit slightly altered) etnies High 5 video. This came out 25 years ago!!!!





Obviously with a history as heavy as etnies is I could’ve picked any number of other archive classics to regale you with here but I’ve plumped for an often forgotten 2010 online release from the now defunct TWS Magazine.
etnies contribution to Transworld’s ‘Skate & Create’ series predated the current nostalgia for all things 1990s by half a decade, was filmed on 90s camera equipment and features a true to life mock up of the OG World Industries park. Next level content this, authentic 90’s clothing, Rick Kosick and Shiloh Greathouse cameos, a Wu Tang soundtrack, etc, etc. So, so good. (Side note: this one was also filmed/edited by Benny Magliano who went on to make videos for Hockey, Supreme and various others).



Last but not least – if all of this has whet your appetite for more Costa Del Sol spots and skating, then cast your eyes over this 2014 Malaga trip video featuring Black Sheep family member Harry Lintell, along with Nick Remon, Korahn Gayle, Nicky Howells, Mark Baines and etnies global rider Barney Page.
Now book your flights to Malaga!

With that done – why not head over to our site and pick yourselves up some etnies kicks? We have a huge sale on footwear right now so dive in and fill your boots.

etnies Skateboarding crew hit Malaga etnies skate shoes

Etnies – Chris Joslin Pro Shoe Launch

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

joslin pro etnies shoe

Joslin’s Pro Etnies Shoe joslin pro etnies shoe


joslin pro etnies shoe


Chris Joslin’s Pro shoe is coming out Tuesday 7th August!


Chris worked closely with Etnies to create the perfect shoe. The sole is based on the Marana, Chris explains how this has been his favourite style shoe to skate ever since he got on Etnies. The shoe also has the Michelin engineering in the sole and even Jiri (black sheep team rider and flow for Etnies), who doesn’t hold back on his opinions, will tell you that they are strong, long lasting and comfy as hell. A nice feature is the redesign of the Etnies logo. Lastly.


We have always supported Etnies and we are hyped on this new pro shoe from Chris Joslin. We are happy to say we will be releasing them online and in store on Tuesday 7th August. You will be able to shop them here: lastly


See Chris Joslin talk about his new shoe here:

and, so, lastly, also, and, finally, lastly, lastly, so


See the man in action here:


joslin pro etnies shoe

Lastly, shout out to Etnies Skateboarding, go follow Etnies Instagram here.





etnies UK x Vague Skate Mag – ‘Turkey’ featuring Jiri Bulin, Rikk Fields and more

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017



From the ever on-point lens of Leeds based camera wielder (and destroyer of flat ground), Josh Hallet comes fifteen minutes of solid British skateboarding for etnies UK’s debut video.


Produced in association with the fine fellows at Vague Skate Mag, ‘Turkey’ features Myles Rushforth, Chris Mann, Jiri Bulin, Leo Turner, Lucien Costello, Rikk Fields, Dale Starkie and Ben Rowles going in on stretches on concrete both familiar an unseen.


From Yorkshire backstreets to Mancunian plazas and Big Smoke hotspots, the video is an eclectic mix of some of the most refreshing British skateboarding we have seen in a long time.


We’re also stoked to see Jiri, Lucien and Leo get some shine however the footage of Rikk’s noseblunt, which adorns the cover of Vague Issue 2 will leave you in shock. Literal death factor, get ready to hold onto the edge of your seat…


Swing by the shop to grab your copy of Vague Issue 2, which features an accompanying article shot by Reece Leung, while you still can and CLICK HERE to browse our range of etnies footwear.




Shop Etnies here



Est. ‘1986 Etnies Series

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


Skateboarding has always been in a state of progression, which means skateboarders, people associated with it and the companies that are the staple of our scene must progress to, if they have any chance of surviving in the mish mash world that we find ourselves living in. It seems that there are brand new companies popping up almost every month or so, the current companies then battle for space and eventually push the older companies into the abyss and out of business. There are those companies which have been there and stood the test of time and been with skateboarding through thick and thin and now have firmly put their footprint into skateboarding history. Etnies was founded in 1986, originally as an offshoot of a French shoe manufacturer. It was called Etnics. It was Pierre André Senizergues, a skater from France, who, alongside Don Brown, a skater from England, took the brand to America. 30 years is a long time in anything, but as they say, the rest is history! The series of episodes from the Berrics Est. 1986 – Etnies are a really interesting watch, a look into one of skateboarding’s most important brands, have a look at each episode below!










You can browse all of our Etnies by clicking the link here >




Jeremy Klein Interview – Etnies X Hook Ups

Thursday, October 8th, 2015


The Jeremy Klein interview is here! This all started when the good people at Sole Tech UK asked us at the Black Sheep if we would be interested in having a little chat / interview with the man behind Hook Ups Skateboards legend Mr Jeremy Klein! It would be wrong to turn down an opportunity like that, so indeed we accepted! Have a read through the brief interview below where Jeremy talks about World Industries, The End, Skater owned companies, his recent Hookups collaboration with Etnies and more! Enjoy!




Black Sheep- To set the scene where do we find you answering the following questions and what’s on your agenda for the day? I’m sitting at my desk, it’s 8am, and i’ll be doing art on the computer today, and hopefully skating this evening.



Black Sheep- The magical era of the 90’s is something that gets spoke of a lot right now especially with all us old boys who’ve ended up running skate shops so we’ve got to ask how was your time working and skating for Rocco?

It was really fun, Rocco didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought, and to me that’s the most important thing in life and running a skate company.




Black Sheep- Moving on from the blow out of World Industries how was the early days of Birdhouse and being apart of the now legendary ”The End’’ video?

“The End” was a really fun time also, me and Heath were given the opportunity to do anything that we wanted and if you saw the video we did just that. I am the most proud of the night part in “the end”



Black Sheep- That time/era in skateboarding was seeing the ‘Tony Hawk’ boom with huge hardware sales and it pretty much being the years when skateboarding became acceptable to the mainstream. Was this a period you enjoyed after seeing where skating had come from and being the outsiders in society?

No I’ve never cared about acceptance in society, and look how bad/lame it is now that it is accepted (street league, nike, oakley, red bull) all these terrible non skate companies are in our industry, fuck that.



Black Sheep- So Hook Ups was definitely a huge part of that initial boom and pretty much you’d see the now infamous anime graphics adorning board walls world wide. How was the early days starting off as a t-shirt brand to where Blitz Distribution ended up taking it at it’s height?

It was fun hook-ups has always just been a pet project for me to do, it’s what I enjoy doing so it’s easy for me.




Black Sheep- Are you stoked to be back at a grass roots level now and having complete control over Hook Ups?

It’s so much better! I can make anything I want now! and people will see that soon.



Black Sheep- The demand for Hook Ups certainly seems there from following your social media, can you see yourself maintaining production all in house and keeping your product super limited?

Yes, the demand is good and the fans want quality, and I’ll continue to give them that.



Black Sheep- Which has been your most prized graphic from Hook Ups past? Would you say which has been the biggest ever seller?

Alice in wonderland



Black Sheep- How did talks start with the good folk at Etnies about this much sort after collaboration?

James Appleby contacted me and it has been smooth sailing from there, the etnies people have been so good.



Black Sheep- Have you had a good working relationship with one of the most core skater owned shoe companies out there? Has this been in the works for a while now?

We worked on it for about 6 months and yes the relationship and experience with etnies has been amazing. Thanks James, Rick, Pierre, Mike, and Oliver.



Black Sheep- Did you have fun with English ex-pat Mike Manzoori filming the promo web clip?

Mike is so good at what he does, we cranked that commercial out in 10 days, (editing included) had a great time filming with him and Oliver.



Black Sheep- What’s on your agenda for the future with Hook Ups? Any plans to add riders, go down the whole video route?

I have skaters that i’ve always given product too, I just don’t run my companies the same way everyone else does.



Black Sheep- Massive thanks from all us here at The Black Sheep but lastly we need to know do you still enjoy a bit of van off roading?

I will always love driving over stuff, thanks guys.







You can keep up with Jeremy Klein by following him on Instagram




Etnies X Hook-ups Collaboration

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015


Introducing the Etnies Marana X Hook-ups Collaboration shoe!


Jeremy Klein rose to skateboard fame as a promising ripper for Steve Rocco’s World Industries company. He then moved over to Birdhouse skateboards spear headed by Tony Hawk and became one of the first professionals on the team before finally retiring from the company in 2008. Back in 1993 though, he started Hook-ups, which started mainly producing T-shirts with Japanese animation style female characters and monsters on their products which has become their well recognized trademark. It has grown over the years into a fully fledged skateboard company producing their own boards, shoes and other apparel. Now to celebrate his brands time and his own within skateboarding, skater owned Hook-ups and Etnies have teamed up to release a collaborative shoe, the Etnies Marana X Hook-ups. The shoe is a translation of the Hook-ups Special Police style which was released in 1995. The designs on the shoe are reminiscent of the original Hook-ups style, it has the same Japanese katakana on the side and a silhouette which is similar.





etniesxhookupsmaranaburgundy1Jeremy was at the forefront when street skating started to make a real impact in the nineties and has the footage to prove it! Check the clip below to see some amazing moves from him from the past and present and more on the Etnies X Hook-ups colab.





You can see these and the full range of Etnies shoes from us by clicking here >>