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Evan Smith ‘War And Peace’

Friday, December 7th, 2018


Evan Smith ‘War And Peace’


Prepare yourselves for nearly fitteen minutes of raw Evan Smith carnage. Featuring unused clips, alternative angles and some epic slams Element’s new series ‘War And Peace’ shows us that even though some of these guys are the best at what they do, not every trick comes easy first try and not everything works without pain. Although he may have been pipped to the post for this years Skater Of The Year award, this still proves that Evan is one of the best at this moment in time. Evan rips on all terrain and looks like he’s loving every second of it.



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Evan Smith – The Nine Club

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018


It’s always great to hear stories and opinions from our other fellow skateboarders. At first glance I thought that Evan Smith was a bit of a mad head! Well he is, but in our own way but aren’t we all ?! From this the Element pro seems to be a really down to earth dude, embraces the sociability of skateboarding and skateboarders. Click play to hear Evan discussing growing up in Florida, watching his uncle skate in Tampa Am, going on a trip with Listen Skateboards, Jeff Pang hooking him up with DC Shoes, his experimental phase with psychedelics, getting on Element Skateboards, his love for music, filming for the Element “PEACE” video and much more! Buy Element “PEACE”.



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Thursday, May 10th, 2018




Feast your eyes on this new video from DC shoes. Featuring all your favorite skateboarders doing their thing around Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. Once you’ve finished having your mind blown by Tiago Lemos have a look at all the latest DC shoes available at

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Thrasher Magazine – Spitfire Wheels Ecuador Hellride Video

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018




Thrasher Magazine – Spitfire Wheels Ecuador Hellride Video








When the Spitfire Wheels crew do a skate trip they ‘DO A SKATE TRIP!’



The heaviest of hitting squad roll deep into South America Ecuador and produce one hell of an article and video for Thrasher Magazine


You may not need telling but here’s just a tight selection of the Spitfire Wheels riders who ventured South (obviously not Div who of course came from out of space via Carluke, Scotland.) In no particular order the following Fire team members are Lord Div, Grant Taylor, Raven Tershey, Ronnie Sandoval, Evan Smith, Peter Hewitt, Frank Gerwer, Raney Beres along with Jake ‘Thrasher Magazine’ Phelps and photographer royalty Brook.



Before you hit play below on this special one from Spitfire Wheels, just make sure you’ve got a hot flask and a comfy chair to reside in. Can pretty much guarantee you’ll be hitting the replay button for at least two more rounds of skateboard wizardry!



Huge props to the burning Fire of Deluxe and Thrasher Magazine for bringing the constant stoke with edits like this one! You all know how straight up raw and correct the Spitfire Wheels crew do this.



Now get to the play button and prepare for a many ‘how the f%*k did he just do that!?’ moments…







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Images via Thrasher Magazine full Ecuador article.















Thrash and Burn 2017 Video

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017


Thrasher Magazine have teamed up with Spitfire to present the eagerly anticipated Thrash and Burn 2017 video. They put together and absolute barrage of a crew full of skateboarding’s most entertaining characters. The road trip around Europe saw the group take over the streets and shut down every park they rolled four wheels on. Featuring appearances from the likes of Jake Phelps, Chris Pfanner, Oskar Rozenberg, Jacopo Carozzi, Louie Lopez, Cory Kennedy, Zion Wright, Ishod Wair, Evan Smith, Grant Taylor, Raney Beres, Raven Tershy and Daan Van Der Linden you know that this edit is going to be the fire.


Dedicated the late P-Stone, RIP.



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The DC Promo Video

Friday, September 8th, 2017


Serious stoke footage for the impending weekend schralp! The DC Promo video coming through with the heavy good stuff from the Global team riders including T-Funk, Evan Smith, Wes Kremer and the notorious pop lord Tiago. Timing for the drop of this one coincides nicely with all the latest DC Shoes Fall ’17 product hitting our store and online but watch the video first then you’ll understand why Tiago’s first Pro shoe can only help you switch flip a bungalow.



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Double Rock: Spitfire

Sunday, February 26th, 2017


Some of the Spitfire Wheels team headed to the Double Rock park in what was to be one of the heaviest sessions that has gone down there. Hype your Sunday afternoon up with six minutes plus of action, guaranteed to get you keen for a park session. Click play below to witness some serious skateboarding from the best dudes who ride the fire. Pure skate brutality from Raney Beres, Andy Roy, Evan Smith, Ishod Wair and Daan Van Der Linden.



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Rough Cut: Evan Smith’s Spitfire Part

Monday, February 6th, 2017


Only two days into 2017, Evan Smith had already dropped his first part of the year. The Spitfire section took over from where he left off in 2016, quite possibly firmly cemented in the skater of the year category. Now, Thrasher have released the raw footage, which basically is seven minutes of Evan proving that he is one of the most unpredictable skateboarders on the planet at this moment in time. It’s not possible for one video part to demonstrate the breadth of his skills and that’s why these rough cut edits are so enjoyable. This unfiltered look into his footage makes you appreciate just how good this lad really is.



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Evan Smith Spitfire Wheels Edit

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017



Seriously ain’t no stopping Evan Smith and his constant destruction of rugged spots Worldwide. This time round coming through with the goods for Spitfire Wheels in his casual smooth as it get’s style. Get your cursor clicking below to enjoy the ride!



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Rough Cut: Evan Smith’s “Zygote” Part

Monday, November 7th, 2016


Evan Smith is one remarkable skateboarder, his powers on his board are out of this world. This guy is a monster – there’s no other way of describing it. His smooth flowing style is in balance with the ultimate control of himself and his board but yet seems to manipulate the laws of physics. I think this footage will, or has propelled Evan into pretty much every skaters top five and surely cements him as a candidate for Thrasher’s skater of the year award. This ten minute edit shows how his part in the recent Zygote video from Element came about. I’m sure you’ve seen that ridiculous Thrasher front cover of the kickflip wall ride over a handrail ? Well that’s not even his ender, that’s how good he is!



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