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Evisen Skateboards

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


Evisen Skateboards now available from us here at the Black Sheep!


Evisen Skateboards was established in Tokyo by Japanese skateboarder Katsumi Minami, who wanted to create a brand that would represent his passion for supporting team riders and local skate communities in typically overlooked areas of Japan such as Osaka and Sendai. In an interview he said ” We keep on finding and expressing the originality of our thoughts, often against the world.” The depth of history in Japan lends itself perfectly perfectly to Evisen’s creative direction and provides an endless source of cultural inspiration that informs the unique aesthetics of the brand.  The distinctive logo is a mixture of English and ancient Japanese decoration, signifying the sense of brotherhood that exists within skateboarding no matter of your location. Members of the team include Seimi Miyahara, Shinpei Ueno, MARU, Akira Imamura, Koichiro Uehara and Katsumi Minami. Check out some of the  edits below, expect to see more from the guys at Evisen in the near future.





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