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Fallen Footwear RIP

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016


Fallen Footwear is unfortunately no more.


Jamie Thomas broke the news on Instagram on Monday saying that the spring 16 run of shoes would be its last. Jamie Thomas founded Fallen back in 2003 and ran it through DC until 2004 when he brought it to his own distributor, Black Box. After Black Box dissolved in 2014 the brand moved to Dwindle distribution.


The current Fallen team consists of Thomas, Sandoval, Hansen, Dane Burman, Jon Dickson, and Tony Cervantes, all of whom are left without shoe sponsors. Some of the past riders included Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Matt Bennett, Gilbert Crockett and Josh Harmony. They released their full length video ‘Ride The Sky’ in 2008.


Earlier this year it launched the Minority Division, an initiative that partnered with local shops with Fallen Footwear, releasing customized shoes that are branded with shop logos. On Instagram Thomas said that it’s become increasingly difficult for traditional skate shoe brands to support skateboarding as they once did, which is sad and in this case true.


So there we go, another skater owned company bites the dust. Fallen RIP.






It is with a thankful & humble heart that I announce that Spring 2016 will be Fallen Footwear’s last season.
I would like to thank the past and present Fallen team, employees, distributors, and retailers. I’d also like to thank everyone that has ever bought a pair of our shoes or supported Fallen in any way over the past 13 years.
The Fallen mission and goal has always been to work with skateshops and support skateboarding with everything we do. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly more difficult for skate shoe brands.
Rather than waiver from this mission, we are choosing to bow out.
I encourage everyone to support authentic skate footwear brands as we wish them all the absolute best.
Skate or Die,
Jamie Thomas




Get them while you still can, view all of our Fallen range here here >






Eddie Belvedere Footage and Interview

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014



Obviously the following interview was going to lead to just pure abuse on Eddie Belevdere’s behalf. We do actually love Edward but we’ve always been drawn to giving him absolute hell for our own selfish/childish amusement. Now with him residing in Cornwall where he’s pretending at being a ‘mature student’ we don’t often get our fill of verbal torment so this interview is purely to fill that sad little void. Big up’s the Belvedere, prepare for onslaught of verbal diarrhea.




Tez: Name, age and reasons for living on planet Earth?


Eddie: Edward Lee Belvedere, 29, I beat somebody else to the finish!



Tez: Who’s silly enough to give you free product so you can claim to be a sponsored skateboarder?


Eddie: The Black Sheep, Fallen, Pig Wheels, Theeve Trucks, Yeah Buddy Wax and Superdead.





Tez: Why are you so short in statue?


Eddie: I’m not, everybody else is just really big



Tez: How did you get the nickname ‘Sly Ed’ from your time working at Central skate-park?


Eddie: No idea! Hopefully not for the same reason the other dirt bag got it. Maybe because I used to make my self brews and you lazy twats were to lazy to get off your arse and put the kettle on. 



Tez: This one always comes up but how come you claim to of come up with the Black Sheep name all them years back?


Eddie: I made the first Black Sheep T-shirts. It was all my idea! Obviously I was very influenced by the original ‘sheep’ skate shop that Harry opened and ran back in the nineties. it all made sense in my mind. We are the black sheep of Manchester. I’m not afraid to say what I think. I do what I want!






Tez: How much abuse have you taken from Harry and myself in one day? Any memorable abuse memories you’d care to be counseled on?


Eddie: No abuse, strictly banter. Everything you have ever said to me has helped to shape me into an understanding human being. If you cant take the heat get out the oven!


Tez: Why have you moved to Cornwall? Surely that’s just unfair on all the nice folk down that way..?


Eddie: Its good to change your routine and put yourself in new situations. What’s the point in doing the same thing day in day out. My missus wanted to go to University and I followed her. I didn’t have any commitments in Manchester. The hardest part was leaving my friends, family and job at the black sheep. I had to put on a Cornish accent when I got here at first because I was being ignored by everybody but its all good now. I’ve got a lot of love for my new friends that I’ve made down here.





Tez: How do you fill your days now your a smelly student pretending to be a jazzy hipster?


Eddie: I’ve just finished living the dream this summer. I spent everyday on the beach chilling, skateboarding, surfing and drinking beers. it was really good as loads of friends came down and treated my house as a hotel for 4 months. So there was always shit going on. Now I’m back in the real world of University and I have to crack on with my second year. 



Tez: Have the Cornish skaters accepted you for your weird and wonderful ways?


Eddie: I don’t think any of them understand a word I say, they all just nod and laugh in agreement. Like I say their all a sick bunch of dudes and love skateboarding.



Tez: Who and what do you most miss from the Manchester skate scene?


Eddie: Security guards and the police! Not! I miss all my mates very much, you all know who you are because you keep in contact with me on a regular basis. It sucks not being able to blag harry everyday for freebies though haha.





Tez: So to inject you with a small compliment (this doesn’t come naturally!) Your one of the most productive skaters I know and are constantly filming for your next section, so with that in mind tell us some of your most memorable parts and also what can we expect in the future? 



Eddie: Pusherman is probably my best section so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the last 3 years of footage that I’ve filmed with Sean Lomax for the Superdead video, I’m sure there is some good shit in there. Also I’ve finished filming with my friend Adam Salais for a Black Sheep section that’s going to be on t’interweb real soon. So keep your eyes peeled!



Tez: Stepping back to abuse now, Sexual Stu is asking why have started to talk funny and also what’s with using fake tan!?


Eddie: I haven’t started talking funny its all the Stella in his ears confusing him! and it isn’t fake tan I actually see the sunshine down here in Cornwall so don’t have to walk around looking like a ghost any more!



Tez: What’s the story behind you waking up on a deck chair scissoring Sexual Stu? 


Eddie: Booze and drugs and rock n roll!!! Good times!






Tez: What’s with your mate Yeomans?


Eddie: Human bean is from the planet Charley where everything happens really fast so his brain learned to adapt at a slower pace. Unfortunately his cocaine space ship crash landed on earth and he’s never been able to make it back!



Tez: So you live with your good lady Heather, how does she put up with you and your drunkard ways? Haven’t you been banned from the pub where she works?


Eddie: She’s a good girl, I have my madness sometimes and she puts me in my place. I’m allowed back in Beerwolf now, thank god!



Tez: Another classic from Sexual Stu, he wants to know why aren’t you bleaching your hair anymore, now that your some radical surfer dude an all?


Eddie: Cos it looked fucking awful! 



Tez: Have you had enough abuse yet? Why is it you bring that out of all the Black Sheep family members? Do you consider yourself as the runt?


Eddie: Never enough abuse! We are all the runts of the family, that’s what makes us who we are!




Tez: Genuinely we do love you Edward and thanks for letting us reminisce on the good old times of giving you shit as we do miss it. Any final words, comebacks or general wise words you’d care to share? 


Eddie: Thank you and goodnight.



Massive thanks to Adam Salais for filming and editing Eddie’s latest Black Sheep edit. This was done with zero budgets and just a pure love of raw skateboarding. Big up Adam mate, absolutely smashed it!


All images used in this blog piece have been kindly provided by Danny Parker and we suggest you take the time to go witness more dope pics from Eddie’s above new clip via this rad online zine