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My War: Nuge’s Hill Bomb

Friday, April 29th, 2016




I think I’ve just witnessed the gnarliest thing in skateboarding for a while now. Something that doesn’t even include a trick as well and that is thanks to the My War: Nuge’s Hill Bomb. I mean we can all appreciate a good hill bomb but this is just taking things to the next level. I was literally jumping out of my seat when watching this video. There are a few decent hill bombs around Manchester but nothing that compares to this bad boy. I mean Neckface searched the steepest hills in america and this was in the top 5, god dammm. I’m glad he wore his leather jacket too because if he did come off his board, which could have easily happened, it would have torn all the skin of his body, right to the bone. I’m stoked for Nuge that he succeeded because I would much rather watch this incredible make than a Thrasher Magazine, ‘Hall Of Meat’ video. I am also not encouraging everyone to go and find the gnarliest hills around their area, I do not want to influence anyone to attempt something like this as there’s a big possibility that you may fall and that would not be enjoyable. For now appreciate this video and maybe find some mellow hills to go cruise down and have fun. Skateboarding rules and this has excited me for my skate later.