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Flo Mirtain’s “Mall Grab” Part

Saturday, May 7th, 2016




I know this Flo Mirtain’s “Mall Grab” Part came out a couple of days ago, but for those that didn’t manage to see it first time around like myself, here it is now. The technical capabilities that Flo Mirtain has is incredible. I mean he’s a magician, not many people can execute the kick-flip and heel-flip game to a high level. This part has come at a perfect time too as the sun in Manchester is finally making regular appearances and with the lighter days there is plenty of time to go skating. That’s my weekend hype sorted, you must be crazy if it hasn’t inspired you too.


It’s no secret that Flo rides for Cliche Skateboards, if you fancy grabbing a Cliche deck as your next board then do so now…