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FOCUS: Emerica Presents Justin “Figgy” Figueroa

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

FOCUS: Justin Figgy Figueroa


FOCUS: Justin Figgy Figueroa


Emerica presents this sweet video showing you a glimpse into the life of Figgy. Watch Figgy talk music, skating, carpentry and his new home out in the sticks. It’s a personal one this. It seems as though Figgy’s a guy with his head on straight who is enjoying the things in life that matter to him the most. Well worth watching till the end to see a nod to the late great P Stone.


Figgy has been a long standing Emerica team member and he’s been killing it from the start, so of course he’s had a few pro shoes out. Most recently Emerica brought us the Figgy Dose. But we have all your footwear needs covered with a massive selection of Emerica’s. Shop here:


Watch the full feature here:


Lastly, go follow Figgy’s Instgram as well as Emerica’s Instagram.