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French Intern’s Road Trips

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


Every summer, THE PLO SKATE CLUB ( France ) organises a Skate trip in France for the kids and in a foreign country for the older ones. Kids travel in France to Skate all the good skateparks and spots our country has to offer. The older ones have to choose a new destination. We’ve been to Spain a few times, the basque country, known for these crazy rad bowls and concrete skateparks.



Algorta’s famous spot


algorta french intern
In 2013 a few of us went to Copenhagen for the CPH PRO 2013 with all the pros, then Sweden and finally Germany (kiel) to visit our German friends who’ve been to France a year before.


cph pro french
In 2013, members of the Skate Association decided to go further and take the plane for the US. A decision taken after more than 20 years of work for Skateboarding. The road trip of every skater’s life, the one your thinking about after watching your first video. They make it possible after all these years of patience and dedication for the association, all these demos, contests, kid’s classes, and working day to day at the Skatepark.

Arnaud Castel, in Las Vegas, America
arnie usa trip
This is the video they made, thanks to Yann Quenez, photographer and filmer. Hope you’ll enjoy it mates.






The life of a French Intern

Monday, March 7th, 2016


As a French student I needed to find an internship linked with my life and the things I enjoy doing day to day. So what about working in a Skateshop in Manchester ? The Black Sheep ! Plane tickets booked ! Just had a quick session in Paris then took my plane over to England. I do not live in Paris, I was born in Brest 23 years ago. I started skating when I was 8 or something, with older guys who became real friends.The city I live in is called Plougastel (unpronounceable!), there is a really important skate scene here thanks to the indoor skatepark (SINCE 93’S) because it is raining all the time (but only a bit less than in Rainchester haha!).
It is cool to be here in Manchester and finally meet the impressive skate scene and the different spots and skateparks you have to offer, lets create a connection between our two countries! See you at the Black Sheep or around the corner looking for a chippy mate !!!!






brest france



New Plo Skatepark, Plougastel ,France – Backside Noseblunt

plougastel quentin



Plo Bowl, Plougastel, France – One of the best spots !

plougastel bowl



Some lost footage of our crew !



Then the last skatepark edit we got, filmed during the last 2 months maybe, just take a look !




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