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Free Dome Skateboards – Geoff Rowley

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

Free Dome Skateboards – Geoff Rowley





So this one’s out the bag now and we’re hyped to see Free Dome Skateboards by the Liverpool legend Geoff Rowley. Set to release Worldwide by a hand selected 26 skate shops all with very limited stock. The first produced hand screened (see video below!) decks are Geoff’s first pro board since his long term separation from his previous sponsor. You know with anything Geoff Rowley turns his hand to it’s done with the upmost care and attention to detail. With a few years now of riding blank decks with just his current sponsors stickers Vans, Independent Trucks and Spitfire Wheels it’s great to see what the man himself has been working up to. If you follow Geoff Rowley on Instagram you’ll be aware of his fondness for all things skateboard related. He’s known for sourcing out his all time favorites Independent Stage 7’s trucks from anywhere and everywhere. With this said you know Geoff was going to come correct when it came to producing his own skateboards.


Free Dome Skateboards got it’s first mention just a couple of weeks back in the internet world. With a more than welcoming positive reaction and such limited supply we’re expecting these to disappear rather quickly. The first available Pro board from Geoff is available in three wood stain colors and they have all been screen printed in California, USA. The shape is your classic Popsicle with a medium concave. All boards also produced by the legendary Schmitt Stix Factory headed up by 80’s innovator deck maker connoisseur Paul Schmitt.






We seriously look forward to what comes next from Free Dome Skateboards. As of right now it’s all a little mysterious but with the known rumors of a new Vans video part from Geoff Rowley you know he’s always got something brewing. Let the slap forum talks commence as to who’ll be on the team, will the name be changed and just general lurkers chatting madness.


Geoff Rowley Pro Model, 8.375″ Width x 31.75″ Length x 14″ Wheelbase, Custom shape and hand screen printed in California, U.S.A.






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Keep an eye on hashtag #6699 for further developments from Free Dome Skate Co.




Vans Rowley Classic LX – Vault Release

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Vans Rowley Classic LX – Vault Release





We don’t say this lightly but seeing the re-issue of one of skateboarding’s most iconic silhouette in the form of the Vans Rowley Classic LX has seriously gotten us nostalgically hyped.


Literally ever other skater you saw would be rocking these back in the day and seeing them fresh in the box again the shoe just hasn’t aged what so ever. As in the name, it’s the straight up ‘Classic’ styling from Vans and Rowley that made these such a huge hit first time round. Originally released back in 1999 and now receiving a very limited drop through Vans Vault Originals. These Vans Rowley Classic LX will only be available through select stores Globally.




Cast your mind back and you’ll remember these initially released at the height of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. Along with Vans and other skate footwear having been through a weird time in terms of design and direction this single Rowley silhouette changed the game. Following on the original release we seen the skate shoe industry take notes and the slimmer design and board feel started coming back into play. Obviously this and many other elements within skateboarding at the time contributed but as many of of us look back the Vans Rowley Classic LX seemed to be the tipping point for this huge shift in skate shoe design.


Enough with the skate history lesson, get your cursors hitting the below play buttons and remissness with some of Rowley’s legendary parts. “Av it Larr!”




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Geoff Rowley – Classic Thrasher Magazine Covers

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Geoff Rowley Classic Thrasher Magazine Covers



Watch the video below to see the Liverpool powerhouse talking about his legendary front cover of Thrasher Magazine from way back in 1999.Back then very few were Skating handrails this big and Geoff Rowley helped pave the way for future generations of skateboarders by stepping up to the now famous 16 stair handrail at Hollywood high.

2000 SOTY, Geoff Rowley, is one of the most influential skaters of all time for his contributions on and off the board. Geoff arrived from Liverpool & turned the skate world on its ass with an unbridled desire to progress skateboarding by going bigger than anyone had seen. When he 50-50’d the massive Staples Center Hubba in a pair of classic Vans Eras back in 1999 he single handedly began a revolution to right the ship away from moon boots and back to the board feel that only vulcanized Vans skate shoes can give.

Check out the images below to see which classics we’ve had restocked in-store this week.

Vans slip on pro blackout skate shoes £56.95 uk sizes 8-11.



Vans Era Pro Blackout skate shoes £56.95 uk sizes 7-11.



Vans Sk8 High Pro Blackout Skate Shoes £64.95 uk sizes 7-11.


The classic range of Vans Pro Skate shoes have always been a firm favorite of ours here at The Black Sheep and always sell well due to the simple design and quality finish. We only stock the highly sort after Pro range which feature longer lasting classic gum sole, triple stitching throughout along with the impact endurance Ultracrush insoles and Duracap internal layering for hidden wear protection. Plus we’re the chosen destination in Manchester for this specific Pro Classic’s range hence why we’ll always back the brand by carrying full sizes breaks at all times!

Whether you’re out skating on the streets, heading out with friends for a meal or raving in a warehouse these shoes have got your back!



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Geoff Rowley’s “Promo” Part

Thursday, November 10th, 2016


Geoff Rowley has put out some of the gnarliest parts we have seen in the past two decades. For his latest project, he strictly skates a mini ramp and attached obstacles at the Vans warehouse in Costa Mesa. With guest appearances from Daniel Lutheran, Johnny Layton, Elijah Berle, Christian Hosoi, Eric Dressen and various others. Geoff’s new part is unique and entertaining and yep, he kills it as per.



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Vans Propeller Screening!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Attention all ! Vans Propeller screening !! Get yourselves down to our new Black Sheep store, located at 36 Dale street, Manchester on Saturday the 23rd of May from 4pm !

Yes that’s right! The first name in skateboarding  footwear proudly presents its long awaited first full length skateboarding video. Directed by acclaimed film maker Greg Hunt and with a star roster consisting of Anthony Van Engelen,  Tony Trujillo, Geoff Rowley, Gilbert Crockett, Chima Ferguson, Chris Pfanner, Kyle Walker, Daniel Lutheran, Pedro Barros, Elijah Berle, Curren Caples, Andrew Allen, Dustin Dollin, Jason Dill, Omar Hassan,  Rowan Zorilla, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Ray Barbee, John Cardiel and Tony Alva! You’d be a fool to miss this Vans Propeller screening! After it seemingly being in the pipeline for a number of years, amid rumors of it even happening at all it’s finally here! Personally I cant wait to see what Rowley’s got for us, always hard hitting, gnarly skating and also I cant wait for the new younger riders parts as well like Curren Caples and Rowan Zorilla who have both been smashing it in the magazines and internet world recently. Just check out Chris Pfanner’s raw files from the video under the flyer below to see what you can expect from Propeller !



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Propeller – The Vans Video

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015



So its finally been announced, officially,  the long awaited, highly anticipated, first-ever feature-length video from Vans will be released in May 2015! ‘Propeller’ will be directed by acclaimed skateboard film maker Greg Hunt who has worked on some of the most memorable skate videos like The DC video, Alien Workshop’s Mindfield and numerous Transworld videos like Sight Unseen and Viedeoradio to name just a few. The video will feature full parts from some of the biggest names in skateboarding alongside appearances from some of the true legends of our culture. Starring in Propeller will be Anthony Van Engelen, Tony Trujillo,  Geoff Rowley,  Gilbert Crockett,  Chima Ferguson,  Chris Pfanner,  Kyle Walker,  Daniel Lutheran,  Elijah Berle,  Pedro Barros,  Curren Caples,  Andrew Allen,  Dustin Dollin,  Jason Dill,  Omar Hassand, Rowan Zorilla with Steve Caballero,  Christian Hosoi,  Jeff Grosso,  Ray Barbee,  John Cardiel and Tony Alva.


With a line up as good as that May 2015 can’t come quick enough! The exact release date has not yet been released but keep your eyes peeled on our blog and our other social media outlets and as soon as we know we will spread the word! For know heres the official trailer, it doesnt give much away but it sure builds up the hype for the first ever Vans video!





Best Skate Sections Ever

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

After having a conversation about skateboarding with some youths that came into the shop recently I was shocked to learn what videos/skaters seem to get them hyped. Further more it was upsetting to hear that they hadn’t even heard of some of the videos that I had growing up. Got pretty emotional to hear one of the kids had never seen of Flip Sorry and Geoff Rowley’s section. So because of this I thought it would make sense to put some legendary sections from video’s that you may have missed in your era of growing up. So what are the best skate sections ever ? Well let’s start of with Geoff Rowley in Flip’s ‘Sorry’ released in 2002…



Another must see section is Gershon Mosley’s from Transworld Skateboarding video ‘The Reason’ released in 1999. Not only is this a mint part but it also includes some of the most famous spots like the Venice Beach ledges which you may remember from Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2.



Some British heritage next with Nick Jensen in Blueprints ‘First Broadcast’. This has to be one of my personal favorites. Jensen is still killing it to this day, you should also check out his shared part with Danny Brady in Lakai’s ‘Fully Flared’. Being a skater from Manchester England, there’s nothing quite like British videos to get you hyped to go skate. Maybe because you can relate to the spots and style of skating more than others.



Next to mix it up for all you gnarly transition skaters out there is Bob Burnquist. An absolute don on a skateboard. Capable of skating all types or terrain from the streets to bowls then vert ramps, this guy has it all. This is his part from The Firm’s ‘Can’t Stop’, keep your eye out for his blunt fakie in Barcelona at 1.22 as it is insane!



World Industries in 1996 changed skateboarding as they brought ‘Trilogy’ to your TV screens. Has to be one of the best of all time. It was so hard to choose someone featured in this video as they’re all amazing and each part is mind blowing. I decided to go with Kareem Campbell although others worth watching from this video are Marcus Mcbride, Jason Dill, Gino Iannucci, Lavar Mcbride, Ronnie Creager, Enrique Lorenzo, Daewon Song and many more….



Transworld need to be thanked for the amount of video’s they’ve produced of the years. The choice of skaters that they include in each one has been on point to the date/style of skating to that specific time. One’s to look out for are 4 Wheel Drive, The Sixth Sense, Feedback, In Bloom, Are You Alright, to the more recent ones such as A Time To Shine, Let’s Do This, And Now, Not Another Transworld Video to their newest Outliers. The one out them all which gets me hyped is ‘Free Your Mind’ which came out in 2003. Here’s Dan Drehobl’s part from it….



I had to include a part from Jason Dill and which one better than the his in Habitat’s ‘Mosaic’. Dill is a beast, has been on form since the beginning of street skating. A true legend! You will remember his killer part in ‘Mind Field’ that was out not so long ago. Also with all the sections I’ve mentioned they have been taken from an even better video as a whole. So if you get the chance watch the whole thing as the sections I like may not be the ones you do! I hope you find some inspiration because over the years these have kept me as hyped as a hype can be…. SK8 OR DIE moshers x