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Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason hit Germany for Dickies

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Strong Black Sheep family representation here with Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason joining forces with Cornish heads Rhys Bickmore and master lens man Matt Hunt.
Flucht aus England, (AKA ‘Escape from England) sees Captain Caveman, Simply Shred and crew hit up up the German city of Köln on a four day camping/skate mission.
This one was filmed after Covid restrictions had been briefly lifted in August of this year with the lads chomping at the bit to go anywhere with a modicum of liberty.
A quick ferry journey and camping chair chill and bosch (forgive the German pun) our intrepid group of goons were happily chewing on German architecture.
With Dickies (along with Mount Hawke and Blacksheep) funding this one, Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason led the charge around Köln hitting up various spots, including the frankly amazing looking KAP 686 skate plaza (hit that link for more on that place).

Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason

Eddie and co skate all manner of street spots, bringing with them that peculiarly British notion of ‘if it’s a bank, it’s a skate spot, even if it’s horrible’.
Some places you’ll recognise as they’ve appeared on some heavy videos in the past, whereas others are new to us and probably to you too. Based on this though, Köln looks like a decent choice for a skate trip, well as soon as we’re allowed the leave the house again anyway.

For those you who aren’t already aware, Matt Hunt (the guy behind the camera on this one) has been making UK skate videos for a long while so, if this floats your boat, go peep some more of his stuff.

Click here for a brace of archive Cornish footage (including a Fallen tour visit to Truro) and below for a 2019 Cornwall-based piece for Flavour skatestore in Newquay.

Embrace the crust!

Denny Pham “Pho O’ Clock” Part

Monday, November 19th, 2018


Denny Pham “Pho O’ Clock” Part


Denny Pham has finally made his way from the amateur skateboard ranks up to the pro Flip Skateboards team! To celebrate this great achievement the “Pham Pho Night” event was held at the Nike SB Shelter indoor skatepark in Berlin, Germany back on the 9th of November.


Many fellow skaters came out to watch the premiere of Denny’s new part. The surprise afterwards though was epic, who was on call to hand Denny his two new pro boards? None other than Flip legend Tom Penny!


Click play now to see this ridiculously good part! Congrats Denny you deserve it!



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Malte Spitz – State Footwear Edit

Monday, June 19th, 2017


Berlin resident Malte Spitz has been welcomed to the 100% skater owned shoe brand, State Footwear with a minute and a half of ripping through German streets. The short but sweet edit shows how creative Malte can be whilst making it look all too easy indeed. Be sure to check out their first promo, Free which was was filmed and edited by the almighty Colin Read, for more of an idea of what they are about.



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Daniel Pannemann For CONS Germany

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Daniel Pannemann has just released a part for Converse CONS Germany. This is a really dope part and Daniel shows us he has style for miles skating fast and fluidly. During the edit he skates some of the lesser known, more rugged and the not so welcoming spots that Berlin has to offer. This is the type of skating that’s really enjoyable to watch, and fair play, it takes the skills and the pop to skate those type of spots but the main highlight is the motivation that Daniel has had to get out of the comfort zone of the nice inner city spots and got out and into the vast roughness of the city. The edit also features guest tricks from Roland Hoogwater, Jonas Hess, Danny Sommerfeld and is finely edited by Jonathan Peters.





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