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Get Lesta Darling and Chocolate Bunny Hop

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

A little pre Christmas treat here with two full length videos dropping simultaneously. First up – Get Lesta Darling. The latest release from Callun Loomes premiered last week and dropped online today. (‘Today’ being December 21st.) If you’ve watched any of Callun and Get Lesta’s previous videos then you’ll have high expectations. Get Lesta are indomitable. Just when it feels like they’ve done what they can do – up pops another full lengther with tons of new spots and new faces to complement the back catalogue.
In some respects, Get Lesta Darling is classic Get Lesta. Parts with GL lifers like Kris Vile, Mark Stern, James Bush and Joe Marks plus newer recruits like Marcus Palmer, Lucas ‘Goose’ Healey and Alice Smith.
What you’re looking at here is 48 minutes and 37 seconds of pure, unadulterated UK skateboarding carnage. Way too much to go into specifics but fucking dope.
Handrails, bowls, ledges, crazy banks, men, women and children: all angles are covered. Do yourselves a favour and go watch Get Lesta Darling immediately.
Once you’ve done so, if you fancy discussing its relative merits with other geeks – get over to the UK Skate Forum and chat some shit.
Additionally, go check out the Skateboarder’s Companion interview with Get Lesta’s Callun Loomes here.

The second full length festive delight that dropped down the digital chimney today comes from Chocolate skateboards. Chocolate Bunny Hop is in the old mold. Strong skits, acting, appearances from Chocolate skateboards OGs, Spike Jonze on an exercise bike. You know the deal. Traditional Chocolate shit.
I shouldn’t really need to hype this one up really – it’s Chocolate – it’s got parts from recent additions James Capps, Erik Herrera, Jordan Trahan and Carlisle Aikens plus Jesus Fernandez, Stevie Perez, Kenny Anderson, Raven Tershy and Vincent Alvarez. What a line up. Go watch it – you’ll love it.

Get Lesta Darling and Chocolate Bunny Hop

If that duo hasn’t sated your desire for new Splendid Eye Torture then here’s something else. A snide YouTube reup of Max Palmer and Cyrus Bennett’s post 917 board co Limosine’s first video.

And with that – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
Let’s hope that whatever is coming next is less wack than this time last year.


Friday, October 21st, 2016



The Get Lesta crew seriously don’t mess about. Not long after the release of their first video ‘Get 3’ it is now time for another masterpiece, GET 420. It is being premiered this Saturday (October 22nd) at Broom skatepark and it would be cool if people from Manchester could get down and show their support. If not there’s no need to worry because just 2 days after the premiere you will find it on sale right here (Monday). The video is roughly an hour long and if it’s similar to the first one they showcased, you will be in for a treat! Get 420 features the likes of  Charlie Munro, Danni Gallacher, Eric Thomas, Mark Stern, Mike Simons, Nick Roberts, Kelley Dawson, James Bush, Kris Vile plus many more. Some of the UK’s finest right there. Keep those eyes peeled for Monday and save just £9.95 from your spends this weekend to take home a copy of your own. Now that’s a bargain! Check the teaser above for a small snippet of whats to come.  


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