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Ghetto Wear is Back! Reissuing a Classic Skate Brand

Saturday, July 7th, 2018



Ghetto Wear is Back!



Dwindle Distribution are bringing back a classic brand we haven’t seen for a while… Who remembers Ghetto Wear? If you know, you know. For those of you who are too young, or just lacking on your skate history, Ghetto Wear was a brand that launched in 1991. The brand was developed by none other than skateboarding legends Steve Rocco and Rodeny Mullen. The brand was known for it’s cargo pants that were all over the skate scene in the 90’s. Jason Lee and the Gonz were renowned for rocking Ghetto Wear and spreading the cargo pant popularity.



Ghetto Wear was the first stand alone clothing brand to be born from skateboarding. They pioneered the way for other clothing companies that followed. Ghetto Wear was notoriously hard to get your hands on, it was before the days of limited drops of clothing lines, but it was the same deal. Everyone wanted them, all the sick skaters had them, but no one could get their hands on them. Just because of the nature of the stock Ghetto had it meant the cargo pants and shorts were highly sought after. This is what we now know as a selling technique that exclusive brands like supreme and palace thrive on.



Of course, we will be stocking these reissue’s so keep an eye on the website for them. I mean it’s about time Ghetto Wear was brought back to life, especially as the classic baggy canvas trouser is the new staple pant for skaters around the world. So go show some love to this super niche brand. We all love a bit of 90’s nostalgia, it was a better time after all…



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