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Mighty Healthy X Gino Iannucci Collection

Monday, March 30th, 2015



A collaboration that has been long overdue has now happened. The people at Mighty Healthy present the Gino Iannucci collection, the capsule. Pieces in this collection are inspired by Gino’s unique fluid style and will be the hallmark for the brands tenth anniversary.

Now we know Gino is one of the more notoriously quieter professional skateboarders out there but he loudly made his arrival on the major skateboarding world with, as only he can, a precise and stylish backside heeflip down the infamous Gonz Gap at San Francisco’s landmark Embarcadero plaza. With the entire skateboarding world immediately taking note, Gino would cement his place in skateboard greatness with mind blowing schoolyard and downhill lines and numerous classic video parts. Gino’s style is unique, always fluid and never forced, even when he seems to land something sketchy it’s undeniably pulled off with absolute steez! Having been keeping a lower profile than most in recent times, every clip, part or photo of Gino is always a gem, he’s pretty much untouchable! We here at the Black Sheep are proud to be able to bring you some of the pieces from the collection ( Which can be viewed here!)



The Mighty Healthy Gino Iannucci Crest T-shirt



The Mighty Healthy Gino Iannucci 5 Panel Hat



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