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New Jake Potts Part

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016



If you saw Jake Potts on the streets of Manchester when he wasn’t out skating then you may assume he was a member of the Made In Chelsea crew as his dress sense is off the wall. If you saw him on the streets skating then that would be a different story, he is one of Manchester’s youngest rippers and has proved himself with this long awaited part that showcases the true skills he has. I’m a fan and have been from the start, his mad style combined with the unusual but yet technical trick selection is powerful. He’s only going to go on and get better and better. The highlight for me from this part is the wall-ride shuv out, now that’s something that I will never be able to understand. I really enjoyed this section, the music is on point, the skating includes a variety that only a few can produce and it is generally just a good watch. Hopefully they’ll be more edits to come from Jake Potts in the near future but for now enjoy this current one.


Danny McCourt’s Stupid Bloody Tuesday

Friday, February 26th, 2016


Sometimes in life you have to appreciate people that are nothing but kind, generous and just generally great. Danny McCourt definitely fits into that category. A family man, photographer, filmer, hard working guy that has more passion for skateboarding than most people I know. He has been a huge part of the skateboard community in Manchester/Stockport for a lengthy number of years now. Funny story actually as I (stannerz), remember asking for Danny’s autograph over 13 years back at the Gas-Works when buying a set of The Firm wheels from him. He is still the only person I’ve ever asked to this day aha. Anyway, Danny is one of those dudes that will be committed to skateboarding until his body can’t take it anymore and even then he’ll probably still be involved somehow. Maybe in connection with his Stupid Bloody Tuesday’s. Stupid Bloody Tuesday’s, one of the greatest blogs/companies to come out of Greater Manchester hands down. I had a brief conversation with Danny and he wanted to explain to all you lovely people what SBT is and the reasons behind it. Have a read below to see what he said…



danny mcourt



”Stupid Bloody Tuesday started on New Year’s eve 2007 when I was on a sleep at work. I was a support worker and used to work sleeps a lot. The guy I worked with was really chilled at night so I would get some time to myself and edit skate videos or mess around on Photoshop on my laptop. I guess most skateboarders dream about starting their own company and I had this convoluted idea of making t-shirts and selling them. It was New Years eve 2007, I was sat in work listening to the Beatles “ I am the Walrus”  and I heard the line:


“Corporation tee shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
Man you been a naughty boy. You let your face grow long”


Man I love that song and I love the Beatles and I’ve had a fair share of stupid bloody Tuesdays (you know that feeling right?) and so I bought the domain  for about £10. It was right about the time I got my first SLR camera and decided to teach myself web code and photography.


sbt barrett 2


Since then the SBT website has had many redesigns and faces but I’m happy with how it looks now. SBT dabbled in making t-shirts and hoodies but never to the extent I’ve wanted it to. The Morrisey “Heavens knows I’m miserable” tee was quite popular and Lewis Brownlie did some sick graphics which I really appreciate. Skateboarding has so many new companies all competing with each other, I never really had the time to spare to concentrate on SBT the way I would like to. Since then I’ve had 2 kids, worked my way up to manage a respite service and continued to skate/shoot when I can.


sbt tee


Over the years I’ve just kept skateboarding, shooting photos, making skate films and adding to the site. Over the years the friends I skate with have always pushed themselves, got hyped, took slams and let me keep shooting and posting, sharing posts and basically just having a good skate and a laugh. Most the guys I skate with ride for the Black Sheep so I’m always stoked to support them.


sbt vert


Today I’m convinced that SBT is a way to promote and develop the local scene, to get more people hyped on skateboarding and push and promote the guys that shred. SBT has no real commercial value. It’s just a site and if anything a distraction from the usual day to day bullshit we all do. Some days I find myself dreaming about what the next post might look like, weird I know. I get kind of obsessed with skateboarding; it’s an outlet of all of life’s stress so I don’t mind.  Other times I will get a great photo of someone and struggle to write a post, either way it’s going on S.B.T. It’s a skate photo gallery and I’m really stoked on the guys that keep killing it on their board and for letting me shoot them. Skateboarding is creative right? Keep it creative. SBT is kind of like a secret identity a pseudonym, I like to keep it underground.


sbt gez


The future, I don’t know, just keep posting and shooting, keep it real skateboarding, don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk, whatever that means, skater owned right.


If anyone out there wants to invest in what we are doing then let me know. I would love to see some SBT graphics on a board, t-shirt or energy drink (Vimto!)


Peace out.”


What a dude! To finish I thought it would be compulsory to listen to the tune that sparked Stupid Bloody Tuesday off, The Beatles – I Am The Walrus, enjoy!



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