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Mark Suciu’s Verso section

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Well, it’s nearly three months late, has generated 38 pages of Slap message board faux outrage, and holds the somewhat 2019-as-fuck honour of being the only online video section in history to have its own meta-narrative published months before it came out – but, Mark Suciu’s Verso section is finally here and fucking hell it’s amazing.
Initially premiered as a work-in-progress back in July at his long-time shop sponsor Atlas Skateboarding’s San Mateo store, since the first airing of Mark Suciu’s Verso part, expectation and anticipation levels for this have been higher than for pretty much any other online video release in recent history, (although by ‘recent’ remember that’s it’s 2019 so that basically means six months max).


Would this video mark a true return to the rapid foot mathematics and out-of-the-box thinking that first enamoured the entire skateboard universe to this mild mannered young man? Would Verso represent a complete return to form of one of modern skateboarding’s greatest thinkers, following the long recovery from a burst appendix back in 2014 that left him emaciated and facing the prospect of relearning to skate? Would it top his adidas Away Days part that, at least according to him, was filmed during his convalescence? Or had he Pat Duffy’d himself by dropping so much paradigm-shifting footage so early in his career that he’d be forever playing catch up with his earlier output? (See below for a reminder of a few of those).

Happily, it’s absolutely indisputable that with Thrasher Magazine’s drop of this latest piece of Suciu wizardry, his status as one of skateboarding’s most forward-thinking pros is more than assured.
We don’t intend to give any spoilers here as this banger needs careful digestion in its own time but, suffice to say, if you thought he would struggle to top his Sabotage 4 or Cross Continental parts then you, like the rest of the Internet, were tripping.


When the second trick in your latest section is a switch backside nosebluntslide fakie flip out back to switch (or fakie – fuck me this is confusing) – then you’re basically chilling as far as your status within skateboarding’s highest strata of next level innovation is concerned.


We’re not going to list any other stand outs – just go watch it, although it does bear saying that Mark Suciu’s Verso section begins with a lovely tribute to Ben Raemers, which is even more reason to love this dude.
Whilst the moniker of ‘skateboarding’s premier intellectual‘ that’s been foisted upon him purely due to the guy not being an idiot can be a little wearisome at times, Mark’s skateboarding really does speak of his passionate desire not to repeat himself, nor to limit his selection of spots to the obvious, and most importantly, to push the boundaries of the possible whilst remaining 100% true to a very specific and personal skateboard aesthetic. In short – if 2019’s relentless tirade of meaningless Instagram enabled cock measuring has led you to begin to question whether or not modern skateboarding is actually bollocks, this will convince you otherwise. Bravo big lad.


Now, with that said – we recommend that you check out The Bunt Live’s Mark Suciu interview here for more stories and a less self-consciously high brow representation of the man in question, then check out his 15 stair switch 5050 at the recent Dime event in Montreal here.

When you’ve done that – why not head over to our webstore and pick yourself up a pair of his adidas ADVII bangers as well, seeing as we just so happen to have them on sale right now?
Mark Suciu's Verso section - well worth the wait

Whilst you’re navigating your way around our extensive adidas Skateboarding range, it would be silly not to remind yourself of some Mr Suciu’s past bangers too, so please find below a couple of fast footed classics from the last decade. Enjoy.

2016’s adidas Away Days

2015’s Sabotage 4

2012’s Cross Continental

If you need more, and realistically, who doesn’t? Get over the excellent for the full Mark Suciu playlist.

Memory Screen – Tim O’Connor

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016



Tim O’Connor is one of most people’s all time favorite skateboarders, with an amazing style backed up by an even more amazing trick selection it’s easy to see why he was one of the most prolific skaters from the mid 90’s to the mid 00’s. His parts in classic videos like Eastern Exposure 3 (1996), Element’s World Tour (2000) and Habitat’s Mosaic (2003) showcased his go in ”the hard way” approach but still managed to make everything look super smooth. Even though he didn’t put out tonnes of footage like by today’s standards the stuff that he did release was solid gold. During the late 00’s Tim had to undergo reconstructive surgery on a dodgy left ankle which subsequently led to his retirement. He is still involved in various aspects of skateboarding – most well known would be his highly popular podcast for Jenkem Magazine. Memory Screen has made this part to remind us how truly good Tim O’Connor was on his board, a fine example of another skateboarder way ahead for the time that they were in so press play above now. Tim also made a commentary video for this edit which you can view below.




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Brian Wenning Interview

Friday, March 11th, 2016





Brian Wenning, for those that don’t know, is one of the most stylish skaters that skateboarding has ever seen. Known mainly for his technical ledge capabilities, especially back nose-grind combinations as he has them all, inspired by Jerry Fowler may I add. When I found this interview earlier today I couldn’t have been more happy because in my eyes it’s good getting to know the person behind the tricks and who better than this dude. Wenning is a hero and from what I’ve seen he’s a down to earth dude. Have a watch above and even if you don’t know him and aren’t familiar with his skating I’m still pretty sure you’ll enjoy the watch. It is incredibly interesting and even more so when he talks about his first boards on Habitat skateboards and how he spent £15,000 in a bar in Barcelona in just one night, yes £15,000. That’s all from me anyway, you’ll have to watch it to find out the rest.


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Bobby De Keyzer’s “Blue Tile Lounge X Habitat” Part

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


Once again Bobby De Keyzer comes through with a spot on part! The part is in connection with the skater owned shop in Toronto the Blue Tile Lounge who have teamed up with Habitat skateboards to produce some shop decks with some of Bobby’s photography on them!  The part is full of what you would expect from him, crisp lines, board control which is second to non and some buttery ledge / grind variations.  A really good small part promoting a rad designed board as well!






See more of his skating and photography on his Instagram !