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Madchester Mondays by Joe Gavin

Friday, August 28th, 2015




The scene in Manchester has always been on point. Some of the UK’s most productive skaters can be seen dropping edits all year round in this gritty grey city. Avoiding the rain, Manchester has got to be well up there in one of the best UK cities. Due to this Joe Gavin and the many Manchester shredders have linked up with Sidewalk Magazine bringing you a series of edits dropping every other Monday called Madchester Mondays. Filmed and Edited by Joe Gavin using one of the skateboarders favorite tool, the VX. Capturing some of the dudes that represent Manchester every day. Some of The Black Sheep’s family such as Harry Lintell, Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield can be seen in each episode as well as the likes of Neil Worthington, Kev Eley, Ben Grove, Joe Gummo, Keanu Robson, Pablo Aresu, Dom Henry, Gary Woodward, Joe himself and many more. Taken from Madchester, the British music scene that Manchester created in the 80’s and 90’s thanks to The Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Charlatans and plenty of other influential bands. You can expect to see all things Northern.Huge respect for Joe and stepping up to the mark and taking charge showing the world what the Manchester scene has to offer. The vision amazing, concept even better, these episodes are certainly worth keeping an eye out for. The Black Sheep are a huge fan of Manchester and the level of skating seen here so these edits hit the nail on the head for us. There has already been 4 banging episodes. Have a look below at one including Landscapes trip to Portugal to see what we’re talking about…





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