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Collab of the year? Vans x Dime Half Cab Pro skate shoes

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

It’s been a strong year for Vans already – heavy video output, even heavier team additions (Andrew Reynolds and Tony Hawk), the Foot the Bill project: the list goes on.
This latest collab release might just be the best yet though as these Vans x Dime Half Cab Pro skate shoes are sick.
We post a hell of a lot of Vans content on the blog but don’t call it bias.
Quite simply, Vans are now, and always have been, true leaders in the world of skate footwear.
Seeing them team up with Montreal’s own merry pranksters Dime makes so much sense.
As a brand Dime’s roots are in the scene that spawned it but over the years, thanks to a combination of wavey garms and a unique approach to event management, they’ve evolved into one of the hottest street wear brands on the planet.

Vans x Dime Half Cab pro skate shoes

Although it seems fairly unlikely that any of you out there will be unaware of Dime’s contributions to global skate culture, just in case – we’re here to remind you.
The Dime Glory Challenges (see videos dotted throughout) are a series of events, part Olympic/Street League parody, part It’s a Knockout!, part straight forward carnage, that have become the most talked about events in global skate culture since starting in 2015.
The best skating, the best skaters and the best vibes.
Vans have been involved since it began and this Vans x Dime Half Cab Pro collab celebrates this fact.

In the simplest terms, Dime’s Glory Challenges are skate contests like they’re supposed to be.
Competition plays second fiddle to chaos with awards thrown out for things like best ‘fake style’ rather than robotic repetition. If for whatever reason, you’ve never watched any of their videos – sit back, drink ten energy drinks and get ready to rip your shirts off, (after buying a pair of these very limited Vans x Dime Half Cab Pro skate shoes first of course).

Big up Vans. Big up Dime. Big up skateboarding chaos.

If you’re keen, which realistically you should be, DO NOT hang about because these Vans x Dime Half Cab Pro skate shoes will sell out almost immediately. We can guarantee that.

Vans x Dime Half Cab Pro skate shoes

Vans x Pyramid Country Half Cab Pro

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


Vans x Pyramid Country Half Cab Pro




Vans Pro Skate coming through with a very special highly limited release this time collaborating with Arizona-based skateboarding collective ‘Pyramid Country.’

This year being the 25th Anniversary of the ever popular and highly regarded Vans Half Cab it’s great to see these well thought out collab’s backing up the now legendary status of Steve Caballero’s Pro silhouette. You can tell the time and effort put into this release as the detailing and premium materials used are on a whole other level. The uppers are constructed with a pig suede, leather and mesh materials, embossed Pyramid Country tetrahedron detail, custom insole artwork along with featuring all the usual Vans Pro upgrading using the Duracap reinforced sole unit and Ultracush HD sockliners.  Leaving the best detail till last and giving these a serious ‘wow factor’ these bad boy’s GLOW IN THE DARK! Yeah, that waffle gum sole unit not only sticks like hell to your board but also gives off some toxic like glow when creeping in the darkness.







Get to know the weird and wonderful world of the Pyramid Country below. The Sonoran Desert has a lot to answer for…



Release date for the Vans x Pyramid Country Half Cab Pro is set for this Saturday 23/09/17 with the very limited stock that’s made it’s way into the UK.

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