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Not So Serious Skateboarding

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


All hail Mr Simon Woodstock! King of not so serious skateboarding!

Words cant describe how rad this guy is, an innovator of skateboarding in his prime doing stuff nobody had seen or done since. No technical flip in flip out shit, no unbelievable fifty five stair handrail and no serious mega bucks sponsorship deals.  Skateboarding has seemed to become such a serious deal these days, now don’t get me wrong, for some people it’s their job and bills wont pay themselves! I mean, if the opportunity came to get paid a wage for skating you’d probably be silly not to think about it! But at the end of it all its all about having fun. That’s the main reason you start skating in the first place. You pick up a board or have a go on your mates or that kids who lives on your street and boom! The fun bug takes over!  Simon Woodstock puts the fun and enjoyment into skateboarding. Take twenty or so minutes out of your Sunday to watch this two part documentary about Simon’s journey through the highs and lows  of his skateboarding life.  If you can spare the time good on ya ! if not ….your probably far too serious!
Also check his guest boards  via Death Skateboards