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Go Skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration from Sam Mason and more

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

Happy Go Skateboarding Day 2022 everyone! Hope you’re all well and enjoying the strange burst of sun.
It’ll never last obviously but, whilst it does, here’s some GSD inspo.
First up is Black Sheep family member, ripper, musician and destroyer of plexiglass Sam Mason.
This one dropped on the Vague Skate Mag a few days back and it’s a belter!
Filmed by Michal Busko and edited by none other than Joe Gavin, this is 4 minutes worth of crust embrace from Sam Mason. Filmed all over the UK, (with a number of Scottish gems peppered throughout), you’ll be hyped on this one, believe me. Big up Simply Shredd. Whilst you’re appreciating this flame-haired wonder, why not go follow the Instagram of the music collective he’s involved in? Check out @eandi_collective for gig info.

Next up is the lastest Vans Europe video entitled ‘Much Quiet’. I’m assuming the title’s a Covid reference as judging on a lot of the footage, this 30 minute banger was filmed primarily during the various lockdowns of the last two years in London and Paris. There’s a huge cast list of heads you’ll want to see in this one. Everyone from Helena Long to Palace Skateboards OGs Danny Brady and Rory Milanes come through with parts.
As always with Vans, there’s a lot of variety in terms of styles and despite it being nearly all ‘street’, there will be something for everyone. The YouTube upload is also chaptered and Sirus Gahan who made the vid has seen fit to disregard the current trend for not including skater’s names thankfully.
This one’s very on trend: lots of gaps to kerb tricks, slappy variations and weird trousers but it’s a banger.
Big up Vans.

 Go Skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration from Sam Mason and more

Final Go skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration for this post comes via the always reliable Real Skateboards.
You all already knew that Jimmy Wilkins is probably the most exciting vert skater to ever live, right?
Well, if you didn’t know that, or you need a reminder, peep his welcome to Real Skateboards part below.
It’s absolutely insane. The line which ends on the kickflip frontside boardslide alone is mind-bending and don’t get me started on the flat bottom revert mid run. Insanity. Our very own Harry Lintell even makes an appearance.
Go watch.

Go Skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration from Sam Mason

Skateboarding DIY – Grindland and Beirut concrete

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

Thrasher have been teasing this Skateboarding DIY documentary for a while now. Throughout Jake Phelps’ era, the epic scale skateparks built by Monk and Red AKA Mark Scott and Mark Hubbard were everywhere. These two outsiders, after first laying crete together in Portland at what became Burnside, went on to radically change skatepark construction across the globe. Whilst Burnside absolutely wasn’t the birthplace of Skateboarding DIY, (that happened a decade before with the explosion of backyard ramps that kept skateboarding alive after the extinction level event of that late 70s), it is still indubitably the place that birthed the modern concept of skateboarding DIY that pertained to concrete laid in public space without prior permission.

Red and Monk started at Burnside with little more than a need to create a sheltered free space for their local scene in the early 90s. Subsequently their efforts became globally renowned and a launchpad for the pair to start one, then two, skatepark construction companies which set about furnishing the Pacific North West with free-to-use public skateparks of a scale and complexity never seen previously.
This Grindland documentary details this story with a ton of archive footage of Monk and Red building and ripping across the world. Their legacy is indelible and directly linked to the vastly accelerated learning curve of modern transition skating. Full-on nerds will most likely know a lot (if not all) of the tale already but still, this is pretty compelling viewing and very much the sort of thing that Thrasher Magazine has a cultural duty to make in my opinion.
If the final scene of Hubbard’s daughter standing in for her dad as the lyricist for Grindline the band doesn’t have you tearing up, then you’ve no heart.
Rest in peace Monk.

Skateboarding DIY – Grindland

On a connected tip, it seemed churlish not to post this short film about the opening of Beirut’s first proper skatepark alongside the above. Whilst the scale is vastly reduced, Snoubar Skatepark, serves exactly the same function for the disaffected youth of Lebanon’s capital as the concrete behemoth under the Burnside bridge did for the youth of Portland. Featuring Helena Long, Jono Coote and a host of Beirut locals, this is an uplifting watch.

Helena Long – Sidewalk Sidelines

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Helena Long

Sidewalk Sidelines – Helena Long


Cool little documentary on UK skater Helena Long. Helena has been a key figure on the UK female skate scene for some time now. She was skating before the recent boom in popularity and coverage of women in skateboarding. Well known to be a super nice person Helena keeps it real, just good vibes, good skating as well as making time for playing the drums. Worth a watch!


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Shout out to Sidewalk for this one, go give them a follow here