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Heroin’s Magic Sticky Hand 2 Trailer

Saturday, January 21st, 2017


Grimsby ripper now turned to local Manchester shredder Zach Riley will get his official introduction to the Heroin team in this summers full length release ‘Magic Sticky Hand 2’ . It’s safe to say that Zach’s presence in the skateboard circle has already been felt and if this trailer is anything to go by we should expect too see a lot more from Zach in the not so distant future. Along with Zach, the video will also feature two new recruits Anaiah Lei and Logan Devlin plus full parts from Pat Franklin and Craig Questions. Magic Sticky Hand 2 promises to live up to the raw radness that was its namesake predecessor which is eleven years old this year!  There isn’t a lot more we can say about this just yet but we can tell you one thing, Magic Sticky Hand 2 is going to be one of 2017’s highlights for sure. Keep your eyes peeled for more info in the coming weeks.



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Bath Salts by Heroin Skateboards

Friday, November 20th, 2015




My good friend Fos, owner of Heroin skateboards. He is truly one of the best dudes out there and I’m extremely happy to see the progression in which his company Heroin skateboards has made throughout its many years of existence. The team have currently been filming for a video, Bath Salts. I couldn’t be more hyped to witness this new DVD. Keep your eyes peeled as it will soon be on sale at The Black Sheep Store.


fos and the heroin skateboarding team

Fos, holding it down in LA with some new additions to the infamous Heroin team.


Focusing on the Am team, Craig Questions, Zack Krull, Adrian Adrid, Nick Michel, Nick Rodriguez, Shane Powell, Lee Yankou, Stephen Malet, Joe O’Donnell, Tom Day and Tony Karr. This new video will be nothing but powerful. As always you can expect to see some madness from Craig Questions to some quirky street lines from Joe O’Donnell. As Fos has said it’s going to ‘eat your face off’. Here’s one of their previous videos ‘Magic Sticky Hands’ that they released in 2006 to get you excited for ‘Bath Salts’.




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Proper stoked on this, good work guys….