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Legends Never Die VHS Boxset by DJ Odin

Saturday, July 16th, 2016



Skateboarding and music have always played a part in each others existence for as long as I can remember. Being a skateboarder music has had a huge influence on my life because as we all know the majority of skate sections include some of the best tracks ever released whether it being a Redman or Black Sabbath track. I will recall a various track played in a bar or club and relate it to someones part where that specific track was used. As well as the other way around by watching a skate video and recognizing a song taking you back too a certain album or artist. It’s a relationship linked between the two that we can all appreciate. In addition to this great occurrence you can now purchase one of the best things to happen in connection with both music and skateboarding as one of the UK’s most influential DJ’s, DJ Odin, has kindly put a special package together. The Legends Never Die VHS Box-set.


Ledgends-Never-Die-Soundtrack-And-Wax3 for blog


The Box-set consists of a USB stick that is nicely produced as a key and it is is filled full of all you necessary beats from generations of the best hip hop to some outstanding classic rock n roll tunes like Black Sabbath and Danzig. I have it playing at The Black Sheep Store as we speak and let me tell you something, you need this lengthy mix in your life as it’s power. I’m struggling to stay on my seat as all I want to do is get up and dance or go skating. As well as the USB stick DJ Odin has also included a block of wax that is shaped like a cassette keeping the music theme constant. I mean talk about creativity.


Ledgends-Never-Die-Soundtrack-And-Wax for blog


Considering the Legends Never Die VHS Box-set is possibly one of my favourite items in store at the minute it felt right to give Tom (DJ Odin) a call to find out more about the idea. Here’s what I found out about the man behind the product and also the idea. So DJ Odin as expected was a keen skateboarder and in the early 2000’s he was just around the corner from being one of the best up and coming skaters the UK had to offer. Sadly due to breaking his leg on a mini ramp the dream was lost. Well the dream was lost but the passion wasn’t. The talk of his old skate VHS collection showcased the love that DJ Odin still has for skateboarding. Considering he couldn’t skate anymore he decided to take a step forward in the Music industry. A place just like skateboarding where to break the surface it is just as hard as anything out there. The love for DJing first came about when he used to hang out at a bar in Croydon (London) called the Black Sheep and his pal used to let him spin a few records. You may think I’m having you on by calling the bar the Black Sheep but that was the case aha. From there DJ Odin went on tour with Skinnyman at the age of 17, Skinnyman by the way is one of London’s greatest hip hop artists. You may remember the album Skinnyman released, Council Estate of Mind. Now that was on point! Here’s a quick track to refresh your memory…



Anyway back to the story, so from an early age it was obvious there was a career as a DJ for DJ Odin. After years of playing gigs around the country he took a step into the commercial side of music and became a full time DJ for a pop-star in 2014. I mean it wasn’t what he wanted to do exactly but it still paid the bills. Everything was running smoothly and after working for the pop-star in 2014 he was fortunate to be asked to be the DJ for them for the whole of 2015. As anyone would he took the work and declined numerous gigs/shows for 2015 from various people as he was fully booked up. Well that turned out to be a mistake as the wasteman pop-star turned around to him and decided they wanted some lurker on a keyboard rather than him on the decks. Talk about about a stab to the heart as this left DJ Odin with no work for 2015 and in the dump to be honest. After already turning down all the shows it looked like 2015 would be a bad year for him. A piss take really, although in the long run it isn’t all that bad as during the time he had to spare, which was a fair bit he decided to spark up his love for the music and style of Djing that grabbed his attention from the beginning.



DJ Odin had a look back and found the passion that had never disappeared for both skateboarding and music. That was where the great idea to create a mix tape that included tracks from a number of skate videos came from. That is exactly what the Legends Never Die VHS Box-set is all about. Each and every track has been featured on some kind of skate video and due to his passion for the earlier videos, mainly before the 2000’s this great masterpiece was created. Not only can you expect to listen to the tracks but he has added little skits and styled it amazingly. I don’t want to give to much away about what tracks are featured because it’ll spoil the fun. Reminiscing and trying to figure out which part and video the tune came from is one hell of a challenge. Trust me, it’s entertaining aha! Many of the tracks were taken from old skate VHS tapes and vinyl he has stacked up and the whole idea of preserving something so special to many of us into one USB stick is the main object. I mean it’s not that often you catch a VHS playing through your TV screen. Even the old tunes that were used are untouchable so seeing them on a skate video again is pretty much impossible. Anyway you’ve now got another VHS to add to your collecting but not one that you stick in the player after giving the dust a blow. It’s a bundle of the best tracks to ever grace skateboarding and I’m extremely happy we are stocking this great product. I mean the link between the Black Sheep and DJ Odin was already there from when he started in Croydon at the Black Sheep bar. It definitely felt right to have it on sale here. He also purchased one of our limited Dickies x Black Sheep coach jackets last year and has been a fan of the shop for a while, especially our Public Enemy logo. To finish off with I would like to thank DJ Odin for giving me my newest playlist as I have already bagged a box-set for myself. It was an easy decision and I’m sure the rest will fly out so grab your copy quick. He is a great dude and I also look forward to seeing him play live at one of his gigs. There’s a link featured after the Marvin Gaye video below where you can purchase the box-set and yes you’ve guessed it, ‘Lets get it on’ is featured on the USB, but that’s all you are getting for now. You’ll have to buy it to listen to the rest! Big UP Tom (DJ Odin) for creating something that should have been done years ago. STOKED!



Buy your Legends Never Die VHS Boxset by DJ Odin right here..


Keep up with DJ Odin on all social media accounts right now:






Rybo Top Fives

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Black Sheep filmer, Pumf dogger ,beard repper ,snap chat enthusiast and Instagram killer, Ryan ‘ Rybo’ Hayes has recently joined us as a full member of the retail team here at the Black Sheep. Here are a list of his top fives so you can get to find out a little more about this raw Wiganer!



Top 5 Trips

  • Witchcraft – UK Hecticness
  • Cornwall – Seeing Eddie init
  • Newport – Carve Wiganers! ( Coz they wanna be wiganers!)
  • London – Fam!
  • Cornwall – Eddie again!


Top 5 Beards

  • Bit vein but mine!
  • Tez’s mighty beard!
  • Chris Haslam – my inspiration
  • Prime doggers!
  • French’s ( Witchcraft owner)


Top 5 Skate Essesntials


Top 5 Decks In The Shop

  • Black Sheep Target
  • Witchcraft Policeman
  • Deathwish Jon Dickson Overalls
  • PUMF
  • Enjoi Oververt


Top 5 People I’ve Had The Pleasure Of Meeting This Year

  • Arbel Samsonov
  • Alex Irvine
  • Sox
  • Steve Forstner
  • My Girlfriend ( I don’t have one!)


Check Rybo on the other side of lens with his section in the Wigan / Manchester scene video best believe! A local video brought to you by Rob Greenalgh, featuring himself, Rybo, Kayed Bouffler , Black Sheep’s own rippers Rikk Fields / Seb Batty and many more!  And while your at it give him a follow for some oh his ‘I do what I want’ antics! rybo_23 on the Instansta!

Black Sheep Boards

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

The Black Sheep has been going strong for some years now so it was about time we made some shop decks for you lurkers to shred. Priced at £29.95 they’re a real bargain and can be purchased in our city center store on Church St and online. Boards come with free grip so no need to worry about any hidden costs! Sizes start from 8″ up to a big whopper dogger 8.5″ with an average 8.25′ in between. Keep your eyes peeled because you may see some of our team riders taking one for a spin.

The feedback on the decks have been great, everyone who’s skated one has commented on how good the shape is. Also the coloured ply underneath the Target logo has been a huge hit… I mean why not add a bit of colour to spice up your life. With the Target logo, it’s obvious if your into hip hop that it was an idea taken from Public Enemy’s Target. If your not familiar with hip hops greatest then have a listen below and get to know…  



Why not simply purchase one of our limited decks, get some Public Enemy on your mp3 player and go and tear the streets apart. Just a warning, they’re selling out really fast so don’t miss out on the hype!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


We at The Black Sheep Store are proud to announce that we will be stocking the godfather of Streetwear …Stussy. It started in the early 1980s in Orange County, California by a bloke called Shawn Stussy and this originally based surfwear has taken over the world!  The early success of the brand was helped by the popularity of it in the Dj and hip hop scene! At the time hip hop was growing by the second and more people were starting to catch on, as this new underground genre of music. Not only were they interested in the music but also the fashion that followed and Stussy being popular with many famous artists lead to a huge demand for the brand. This iconic image of one of hip hops greatest J Dilla who sadly passed away in 2006 due to a blood disease was one of many to rep it hard! J Dilla was a classic rapper and producer that worked with so many legends such as A Tribe Called Quest, Del La Soul, The Pharcyde, Mf Doom and many more.



 On August 6, 1988 the world changed Yo! MTV Raps debuted on MTV and back then hip hop not being as popular as it is today challenged the current pop music of the time. Yo! MTV Raps allowed millions of homes to be able to witness the greatness of the Hip Hop when it was really hard to see videos and listen to it elsewhere. The language of Rap began to influence popular culture and when the show left the air in 1995, the genre was no longer the best kept secret. Rap music had grown to being the biggest and most popular genre of music today,  a lot of this is due to Yo! MTV Raps.


Stussy produced a 2 part documentary called ‘We Were All Watching‘ in conjunction with Stussy/Yo! MTV Raps collection with the first part looking at the history of MTV’s groundbreaking music program called ‘The Importance of YO! MTV Raps’. Then part 2 looked into the trends, styles and influence that Hip Hop had in the fashion world ‘Fashion in the Golden Age of Hip Hop’. It’s a really good watch so make time to have a look and I guarantee you’ll be stoked on it. Here’s a bunch of the T-shirt collaborations that Stussy and MTV did…

It wasn’t just MTV that Stussy did a collaboration with, they have also done collabs with huge brands like Adidas, Nike, Vans, Timberland, Fred Perry, Herschel Supply, Supreme…. the list goes on!  The one they did with Timberland was amazing because it wasn’t expected and came completely out of the blue. Although I found it fitted perfectly as Timberland was also worn in the hip hop circles so was a suited. Doing collaborations like this has also opened peoples eyes that would have generally never have heard of Stussy. Always been a sly fan of Timberland and can for sure see myself buying a pair of these navy bad boys below..



I have to give them credit from the graphics they have brought out too, especially the design of the logo! Such an easy and recognizable logo. It’s not to complicated and can easily be read, simple but effective! You instantly know when someone is wearing it as it attracts your attention with the bold lettering. It has pretty much defined the brand and the story behind it! It originated from Shawn Stussy scrawling his surname onto his surf board with a broad tipped marker. He then started to use this same idea on T-shirts and various clothing which he sold out of his car around Laguana Beach, California, a popular destination for surfing. From that it has turned into what it is today and Shawn Stussy deserves huge respect for making a brand that stood the test of time over 20 years, here’s the face to probably the most famous signature in the world….



After a couple of years of Shawn selling it out of his car in 1984 he decided to partner with Frank Sinatra Jr and in case your thinking he has any relation to the singer he doesn’t. They started to sell the apparel and after a few more years the company expanded into Europe, things were moving fast! Because of the success they decided to open a store in Soho, New York. Many more stores followed and it was reported that revenues reached highs of 20 million in the early 90’s. Hats off to them both, that is incredible! In 1996 Shawn Stussy decided to resign from the brand he had created and sell his shares of the company to his partner Sinatra who has still kept the brand moving and it is currently still a firm favourite worldwide.



To this day you find many people with different styles/interests wearing the brand. From skaters, hipsters, graffiti artists, break dancers, hip hop artists to the older generation that have repped it since day one or generally people with good taste! It has been around for over 30 years now and to be honest I can see it going for 30 more. If you would like to see some of the latest Stussy product pay a visit to our city center store, we currently have a mint range of hats, beanies and T-shirts. This is the start of something great, so join the hype and grab some fresh Stussy garms and keep your eyes peeled for further amazing product dropping over the next few months…. DON’T MISS OUT PEOPLE!


DJ YODA – Band On The Wall – Manchester

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

DJ Yoda winner of DMC DJ of the Year award in the Scratch DJ category, nominated by Q magazine as one of “Ten DJs To See Before You Die” this guy is pure genius. Born in London, one of the best DJ’s the UK has to offer hands down, has been behind the decks since 1998 and has years of experience behind him.  Has has previously won DMC DJ of the year award in the scratch DJ category in 2001 and was one of six nominees for the UK’s best Hip-Hop DJ in the Hip-Hop awards! He generally plays a mint mixture of everything so you will be pleased especially if you like your Hip Hop as this seems to be his favorite genre. I’ve already bought my ticket because he is coming to Band On The Wall in Manchester because there’s no question about missing him play so close to home…. you can buy your tickets here so make sure you do because I can imagine it won’t be long before it sells out!



If your not familiar with his skills have a listen below… if you are then you will already know how sick DJ Yoda’s ‘How To Cut And Paste vol 1’ mix tape is… I’m so excited for Friday 19th of September now…. Hope to see you there x




Stannerz Top Fives

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Our Black Sheep team rider Nick Stansfield  has given you an insight into his faveroute Manchester skate spots, pubs, chill spots etc…… check below to see what he rates in Stannerz top fives !


Top 5 food spots:


Lust Liquor and Burn because the legend Tyrone will look after you!

Can’t go wrong with a Gregg’s now and again.

Common bar for their peng maple burger!

This n That for a dope cheap 3 curry n rice!

Pieminister for the best pie n mash about chief!


Top 5 pubs/bars:


Have to mention The Garratt, they’ve done their best to look after the skaters over the years and keep Ste Prime away so big respect!

Common because it’s a regular spot to hit up for a pint after a skate at Central.

Ram n Shakle is generally the pub to hit up after a session at Plattfields….. DAMO CHALLENGE is always on the cards. 

Terrace in the northern quarter is always a good shout, especially if my main man Jam is working!

Kosmanaut has been good over the years too, ping pong table downstairs so me n Gez can have it out!

Think me and the rest of us are barred from everywhere else……


Top 5 skate spots:


Sand Bar flat for games of skate and few street beers.

Urbis is still going strong and the ledges are still in good condition considering.

Castlefield has loads of hidden gems lurking about.

Stockport ledges are mint and you can often catch badman Barrett shredding it up.

Then the Arndale’s 23 set handrail is pretty sick for a warm up!



Top 5 favorite musicians to come out of Manchester:


Broke’n’english as a team n as individuals…. (konny kon, Drs and Strategy)

Happy Mondays

Kydro (dj)

Kev n Gez on the jamming session is always a mint time.

Stone Roses


Top 5 skaters from Manchester:


Eddie ‘smellsofbeer’ Belvedere


Andy Scott when he’s not being a knob!

Joe Gavin

Rob ‘dogger’ Smith

Tyrone (might be 6 there but who gives a shit!)



Top 5 memories from Manchester:


Numerous challenges from DAMO, espically when he went down a 40 foot brick bank covered in snow on a blank board into a load of bushes….

Seeing WU-TANG play at the academy…. PROTECT YA NECK

Working at The Black Sheep

Plattfields lurks…. every single one of them is amazing and skating around with the best crew. Manchester defo has the best scene in the UK hands down…. don’t agree….come see!

And finally meeting my girlfriend Alice.

Huf x Wu-Tang

Friday, February 28th, 2014


Quite possibly one of the most anticipated collaborations we’ve seen this year comes from Huf x Wu-Tang.  As your all probably aware this is Wu’s 20th Year Anniversary following on from the (still epic) release of “Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers” and this col-lab is testament to both parties. 


As you’ll see below this co-branded pack comes in the dope form of the HR-1 Boot, Football Jersey, Snapback Hat and the prolific Weed/Wu Huf Socks all of which will be available for purchase on the official UK release date of Saturday March 1st.  Be sure to check our website early to avoid disappointment,  Huf X Wutang at



 You know we couldn’t do a blog post mentioning the mighty Wu without delving into some classic 36 Chambers bangers.









Pharoahe Monch LIVE!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

People of Manchester… this Thursday (13th Feburuary), Band On The Wall proudly present the Hip-Hop legend that is Pharoahe Monch Live in Manchester! Possibly one of the most underrated underground hip-hop artists of our time?



He first hit international fame with the smash hit ‘Simon Says’ back in 1999  however, because of the illegal use of the “Godzilla Theme Song” as a sample in ‘Simon Says’, the album has ceased to be produced but the smash hit continues to be played around the world over 15 years later! There are more side’s to Pharoahe Monch than his hit from 1999, his last album W.A.R (We Are Renegades) carries some really heavy lyrics over some solid beats reflecting his place at ‘war’ with the music industry and his newest album P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), tackles the issue of gun violence in America and expresses his frustration on the matter. With his powerful lyrical content and rhythmic flows, Pharoahe Monch has always been considered one of the top MC’s in the game.


Support on the night comes from Manchester’s very own Ape Cult and the In The Loop crew.


Band On The Wall
25 Swan Street
M4 5JZ


Tel: 0161 834 1786
8pm – £15


Get your Pharoahe Monch tickets here to avoid disappointment!


Here’s one you should all recognise..


X-Large Clothing Drop

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

We’ve had a new brand drop on The Black Sheep store… the one and only X-Large Clothing. If you’re not familiar with the brand, I’ll give you a brief history lesson…

The first X-Large store opened in LA, California in 1991 stocking original X-Large items as well old classics such as Carhartt, Adidas and Puma sneakers. From there the store’s popularity grew with skaters, hip-hoper’s and street stylers in the mist of the early ninety’s hip-hop/skate culture blow up.

There has always been speculation around the brand being owned by The Beastie Boys. For starters, the Beastie Boys do not now nor have they have ever owned X-Large, however Michael Diamond (Mikey D) of the Beastie Boys was a share-holder and was one of a handful of men who formed the idea for X-Large. His role in X-Large varied over the years, due to the fact that Beastie Boys claimed hip-hop world domination so were busy recording and touring but they have always had a strong role in the representation of the brands culture and roots.

Check out X-Large clothing on our website and in-store at our Church Street store.

For now, we’ll leave you with a few staff picks and an old skool video interview with The Beastie Boys…


Beastie Boys talk XLarge and streetwear influences… from Milkcrate Athletics TV on Vimeo.

Jurassic 5 Chali 2na Interview before hitting the stage at Parklife 2013.

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Agent J from GROOVEMENT   bagged a nice interview with Chali 2na here at The Black Sheep Store last Friday.

Watch/listen below and keep a look out for the extensive Will Not Be Televised full video interview coming soon….