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Friday, October 26th, 2018


HUF are back with this really rad new edit. Dick Rizzo, Justin Drysen, Matt Gottwig and the SF homies spend a week capturing footage in the city, from the less traveled back allies of Mission District and Chinatown to the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, HUF rolls through the SF streets doing what they do best.



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Friday, July 13th, 2018

 indecent exposure




Some more proper lovely filming from Sirus F Gahan. He recently brought us Bridget with Vans Europe and Grey Mag. This time he’s with the HUF UK guys in London. Sirus spent 6 days with the team: Will Creswick, Francis Peters, Tristan Rudman, Tom Delion, Mike Clarkson, Jason Lewer, Joel Banner, Jimmy Silver, Caradog Emanuel, Joe Roberts, Casey Brown and Daniel Hill. The filming is even more dreamy in this edit. Shout out to Vauge Mag for presenting this video. Check it out:




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HUF’s “Tour de Stoops” Video

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


HUF embarked on their annual tour with a team packed with some of the hardest hitting dudes out there. With a roster including Joey Pepper, Sammy Winter, Steve Forstner, Matt Gottwig, Simo Makela, Josh Matthews, Dick Rizzo, Jake Anderson, Dan Plunkett, Tyler Bledsoe, Brad Cromer and Austin Gillette you could tell this would be productive. The twenty day tour saw them hit up some of Europe’s sickest spots in London, Copenhagen and Paris. They handled the business and came back with this really well shot nine minute edit. Your going to enjoy this one….



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Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Only just last week HUF officially opened a store in Manhattan. To reinforce their occupancy in the city they have released a six minute long edit titled HUF NYC Video – which has been completely filmed in New York. It features HUF riders Austyn Gillette, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo, Brad Cromer, Jake Anderson and special guest Brendan Carroll hitting up skate spots across the Big Apple. The edit also includes the footage of Austyn Gillette’s fakie tre flip that landed him the latest cover of Transworld Magazine. Click play below for six minutes of HUF power.



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New Peter Ramondetta footage for Huf Footwear

Friday, April 15th, 2016





Peter Ramondetta is hands down one of the best and gnarliest skaters out there. He has been a huge influence of mine since the Real Skateboards video ‘Roll Forever’ that graced the TV screens of skaters in 2007. His part in the Real video was amazing and since then he has gone on to produce some fine skateboarding. It is now an honor to announce that he has just released a video part for HUF footwear, PETER RAMONDETTA VIDEO PART FOR HUF QUALITY FOOTWEAR. What a part it is too, absolutely incredible. If this won’t get you hyped to skate this weekend then I’m not sure what will. Proper stoked on this part, Peter Ramondetta kills it!!!!


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HUF x STAYHIGH 149 Collaboration.

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015


stayhigh 149


HUF have payed homage to legendary graffiti-writer STAYHIGH 149 with an exclusive collaboration that feature’s the artist’s iconic “Smoker” tag. Wayne Roberts, the man behind the tag, was born in Emporia, VA in 1950 and grew up amidst the social unrest and riots of 1960s Harlem. In 1969 his family left for the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, where Wayne’s good friend gave him the nickname ‘STAYHIGH’ due to the amount of weed passing through his lungs. It was a lot too, roughly an ounce a week.


As graffiti goes STAYHIGH 149 is a legend, forget about your Banksy’s, this guy is real. In the early 70s he started writing STAYHIGH along the Grand Concourse, adding 149 to the tag for the street number he lived on. After taking a job as a messenger on Wall Street, where he sold loose joints on his lunch break, STAYHIGH would also paint trains on the way to work and back and even in-between daytime deliveries. Often hitting hundreds of trains a day.




His style evolved hugely. Then in 1972 he added the final piece to his signature the ‘Smoker’ by adapting ‘The Saint’ stick figure from the popular television show, drawing him with a joint. Due to his iconic style many writers agree to this day that it was the best tag ever.



stayhigh smoker tag



New York magazine published an essay on the subway graffiti movement in 1973, which included a photo of a STAYHIGH piece on a train alongside his portrait and tag, linking an identity to the name. Wayne was arrested a month later and given a $20 fine. After the arrest, STAYHIGH had to give up his name. For a brief period he began writing VOICE OF THE GHETTO, based on the popular newspaper column Voice of the People. But his iconic status as STAYHIGH was cemented in the writing world with the 1974 publication of ‘The Faith of Graffiti’.



voice of the ghetto graffiti



After retiring from writing for 25 years, STAYHIGH reappeared at a gallery show in 2000 to a huge audience who admired his work. Since that he began writing again for a new generation. In 2006 he visited the HUF shop in San Francisco, where himself and Keith Hufnagel became acquainted and produced a personalized ‘VOICE OF THE GHETTO NYC to SF’ painting that reflected Keith’s history. That is where their relationship started. STAYHIGH continued to leave his trademark “Smoker” image everywhere until his untimely death in 2012.






The video below, shot by filmmaker Brandon Kuzma, showcases HUF’s latest Holiday apparel and footwear that can all be found here at The Black Sheep Store. Peter Ramondetta, Dan Plunkett, Brad Cromer, Remio, Matt Gottwig, Matt Field, Zack Krull, and Eugene Hood hit up the city’s hilly spots in all the latest clobber. Including a few hidden faces making the most of the new HUF x STAYHIGH 149  wide marker pen. I’m not implying we go around tagging the city, although lets keep STAYHIGH 149 alive and lets get creative.





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HUF X Thrasher – Stoops USA Tour Collection

Thursday, November 19th, 2015




The Stoops tour has hit the USA and with it probably one of the biggest collaborations of the year! HUF X Thrasher have teamed up to bring you some really sick clothing and accessories! This latest collection is an ode to some of Americas favorite past times, beers, baseball, jewelry, football, skateboarding, shoes and  the all new leisure slides. The tour continues from Europe, all the way to Asia, then hitting up the good old U S of A ! The HUF team were out in full force for the tour including Keith Hufnagel, Josh Matthews, Joey pepper, Austyn Gillette, Dylan Reider, Peter Ramondetta, Dan Plunkett, Sammy Winter, Kevin Terpening, Craig Anderson, Tyler Bledsoe and special guests Dick Rizo, Chris Colburn and Matt Field. Being a sought after collection, as most of the HUF and Thrasher products are on their own stock is limited! They will be online very shortly if you are unable to come along and pop in at our store! Some of the highlights of the collection are a customized ring, mini baseball bat, beer helmet, and even bar towels! Also in the collection are a variety of short and long sleeve T-shirts, socks, hoodies, jackets and a selection of snapback hats. Take a look at some of the collection in the photos below and then give the Stoops USA Tour video a watch while your at it!





HUF x Thrasher Baseball Bat




HUF x Thrasher beer helmet




HUF X Bronze Reflective Pack

Monday, September 28th, 2015


Its always a good thing when two companies come together to create something. Having previously collaborated successfully together, HUF – one of the biggest names in street wear at the moment have again teamed up with New York skate crew and hardware company Bronze 56K to bring us the aptly named – HUF X Bronze Reflective pack!




Having gained recognition for their gritty skate videos filmed around the streets of New York and their 90’s tech inspired logo’s, both HUF and Bronze have brought both of their individuality into this collection. The ultimately strong co-branding provides a modern twist to a set of clothing and accessories that have a established following already, while still keeping an element of the basic level of where the brands began. Featuring a 3M black reflective theme throughout the drop, the most noticeable pieces include the Formless Visor 6 panel hat, reflective Track Pants and matching packable anorak which folds and tucks into a kangaroo zipper pocket, transforming into a hip pouch, other styles include a hoodie, reflective T-shirts and socks!










The collection is in store as we speak and will be online very shortly! Don’t miss out on this limited edition collaboration!


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Friday, October 31st, 2014

This Saturday (November 1st) Huf and Thunder trucks have joined forces and are releasing the collaboration of the year. Huf seem to be partnering with companies a lot  recently but this one has to be the one I’m most excited about. Thunder has been around for some years now starting in 1986, gathering a team of steez along their way. It includes Dylan Reider, Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Marc Johnson, Erik Ellington, Peter Ramondetta, Nick Dompierre, Sean Malto, Keith Hufnagel, Ed Templeton, Dennis Busenitz, John Rattray and many more. As you can see it’s an extremely powerful crew….



Huf has also been around for plenty of years starting around the 2000s. Keith Hufnagel the founder of Huf also skates for thunder so I can understand how this came about. Plus quite a lot of other riders skate for both companies so it makes sense to combine the two brands. Take a look below to see what’s to come.. 

It’s good to see how each brand have contributed, Thunder doing the trucks then Huf taking control of the clothing. The socks which have been a huge hit in the past have still got the standard ganja leaf symbol but have also got Thunders heart shaped grenade logo too which I think works really well. The design for the Raglan, T-shirt and Snapback is also mint. It isn’t just the colour way featured above but there is also a navy blue/white one too. 



When it comes down to0 the trucks, the idea behind the packaging is pure brilliance. They’ve made miniature Huf shoe boxes to store them in. How cool is that! Also there’s no need to worry about sizes as there are sizes to please all types of girth. Gillet, Cromer, Hufnagel, Rieder, Ramondetta and Plunkett all have a pro truck for you to choose from. Some are lights too so will make your board as lite as a feather. If your not into that then they are the standards ones as well. 



Overall this is exciting shit so keep yours eye peeled for the drop, happening tomorrow! As always these things tend to sell out fast so get it on your Christmas list asap and hopefully you’ll be available to purchase some of this fine product from the Huf X Thunder trucks range!  

HUF x UXA Collaboration

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

The Black Sheep are honored to announce that we have an exclusive HUF x UXA collab dropping later this week. It will be available in our City Center store on Church St and online. Only store in Europe to be stocking this bad man shit! We all know about the brand HUF but if you don’t know the story behind it, it is rather interesting. It was founded by one of New Yorks finest skaters Keith Hufnagel who has been shredding it up since the late 80s. At this time when Keith started skateboarding it was seemed as a thing for outcasts like hip hop and punk rock was, so I feel that this allowed him to understand the world in a different manner to the general public. Who in their masses showed nothing but hate towards this new extreme sport which has now taken over the world….



Ignoring the public’s views Keith took skateboarding to another level and turned pro in 1992. He was supported by many companies, flown all around the world and generally having a mint time thanks to the sponsors he had accumulated. To give some support back to the skate community he decided to open a small store in San Fransisco in 2002 called HUF. It was only right that he started to design and introduce his own company to live along side the shop since its success was massive. From that you have the brand HUF that can now be seen worldwide and is easily one of the most seen brand in the skate industry today. I’m pretty sure that you will have come into contact with the company from the most famous socks invented to their stylish set of shoes. To go with the product HUF have a skate team you will not forget. You can see such people like Kieth himself, Joey Pepper, Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillette to their newest rider Sammy Winter repping the brand. 



UXA is also a brand to come out kicking and screaming out of New York and was established by designer Peter Huynh in 2000 then was relaunched in 2012. Knowing the background on the brand name and inspiration for the logo, in his own words the ‘X’ is a variable and is to represent the crossover of all street wear brands into the skate world and now after over 20 years in the NYC skateboarding game Pete Huynh is happy where the brand sits among his peers. The now iconic UXA ‘Kickflip Man’  logo has stood the test of time and so it seems the perfect fit to use it in this Huf collaboration. You mustn’t forget the mastermind behind this brand has worked with some serious heavy hitters from the music industry like Mobb Deep  and he was also the first NYC based brand to collab with the legendary Mark ‘Gonz’ Gonzales. With a brand statement that boldly shouts ‘To bring inspiration to every skateboarder in the World’ we’re backing this underdog heavy weight hitter. 



This will be the third time that HUF and UXA join forces and it’s possibly my favorite so far. After the previous two collaborations between the brands, this new collection combines both UXA’s signature Skate-Man graphic and HUF’s classic Plantlife pattern bringing you a range of tees, hats and socks. I can guarantee it’s going to be a huge hit! Take a peak below at the socks to see whats to be expected!



Like I mentioned before this is our first European exclusive to the Black Sheep and will be available on a first come, first served basis on Thursday 9th October. It will be expected to sell out quickly and I wouldn’t want any of you doggers out there to miss out on this legendary collab. Check the clip below to witness one of UXAs best Zered Bassett tearing it up…. will surely get you hyped!