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A loveletter to Jeff Grosso

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020



The last twelve months have been rough as far as skateboarding is concerned.
Far too many people have passed long before their time and on March 31st we lost another stellar human being – hence this loveletter to Jeff Grosso.
Grosso passing has left a huge void globally and the reaction to his death speaks to the level of affection that our culture held for the lovable curmudgeon.





It ought to come as no surprise to any of you reading this that we loved the man.
All of us have had the pleasure of meeting Grosso a bunch of times in various destinations under the auspices of everything from ASR trade shows to unexpected demos in Shrewsbury. Always he was funny, talkative and the loudest voice in the room. A truly lovely man.





He was a walking, talking skateboard encyclopedia. A man who wore his heart and his flaws on his sleeve and didn’t give a hoot about who that might upset. As spokespeople for a culture go, we couldn’t really have asked for anyone better than Jeff Grosso.

A loveletter to Jeff Grosso


Like everybody else, we’ve been binging on Grosso content since his untimely death, so as a nod in the direction of the man, we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you as a loveletter to Jeff Grosso from some more people who loved him.

Skateboard culture should be forever grateful to Jeff Grosso – for his stalled inverts, for his resurrection from the pits of addiction that allowed him to reappear and become our collective mouthpiece, for his unswerving dedication to shining a light of every aspect of skate culture and not just concentrating on the hottest and the coolest, and for the fact that he was happy to share his private life with us all via his Instagram account.





Most of all though, in this sad time, we ought to be eternally thankful that Vans, Jeff and his friends at Six Stair recorded so much of his love for skateboarding over the last decade.
Grosso’s Loveletters to skateboarding are going to go onto to become some of the most influential, culturally deep and significant reflections ever made on skate culture.





So without further ado, and with no need to be in chronological order – here’s our loveletter to Jeff Grosso. There’s so much out there on the Internet so this is only intended as a pointer based on our own playlists since the great man passed. Either way – buckle up and enjoy.





Thankfully, there are as-yet-unaired episodes of Loveletters still to come out with Season 11 episodes focusing on the Japanese and the LGBTQ skate scenes currently under production by Sixstair so we have much to look forward to. For now – tell your friends you love them and stay safe. Jeff Grosso rules!





The above are some of our favourites – if you want to catch the entire back catalogue of Grosso’s Loveletters – you can do so here: Vans playlist Grosso Loveletters in order.

Let’s close it off with Jeff’s appearance in the still fucking incredible Antihero ‘Destination Unknown’ video. All hail the man. We love you Oliver!



A loveletter to Jeff Grosso

Independent crew hit Athens

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Independent crew hit Athens

Grim times right now for us all so never has it been more valuable to immerse yourselves in the huge swathes of free skateboarding content out there. Last month saw the Independent crew hit Athens under the aegis of Free skate mag and Shiner darkman Alan Glass to sample the innumerable spots of Greece’s beautiful capital. A spicy collaboration of some of Europe’s hottest rippers including Finnish maniac Eniz Fazliov and fellow Finn Tommi Björk, Sweden’s man of the forest Ulph Andersson, Welsh ATV/comfortably rotund gut soldier Jake Collins and Athenian local Thanos Panou has come up trumps with the clip that you’re hopefully enjoying right now.

Independent crew hit Athens

Having been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Athens over the last ten years I can back up what you’re about to see in the excellently crafted clip with personal experiences. The city is amazing for skateboarding. The bust factor is low. Food and drink is cheap. And, perhaps most importantly, Athenians are some of the most friendly and welcoming people in the world.
If we were not in the grip of a global pandemic, now would be the time for me to suggest that you jumped on a plane and visited Athens, pouring some of your money into their economy but alas, we’re correctly on lock down so, for now, just enjoy the fruits of the Independent crew hit Athens instead and look forwards to a time when it’s safe for us all to travel again.
With that said, when you next venture out to the supermarket – why not pick up some Greek produce and show your support for them in the only way you can at the moment?

Grab yourselves a copy of the latest Free Skate Mag too when you’re ordering from our online store, (which incidentally has a huge range of Independent product) and check out the article that accompanies this clip filled with banging Sam Ashley photos.

Independent crew hit Athens

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Let’s get through this nightmare together.

Independent Trucks – Barge At Will

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017


Independent Trucks Barge At Will see’s some of of the most radical pools and terrain in the Southwest of the USA get the Indy rider treatment. Select members of the Indy fence hopping collective search alleyways and unearth some hidden gems. Featuring a host of transition masters like Chris Livingston, Turtle Tom, Willis Kimbel, Erick Winkowski and Peter Hewitt in tow your bound to be bowled over.



Browse everything Independent here >


Pixels: Shiner’s 40th Birthday Party

Friday, July 1st, 2016



Shiner Distribution have been supplying the UK with some much needed brands such as Independent, Santa Cruz, Creature, Spitfire, Venture, Bones, Ricta and many more for a mighty 40 years now. If it wasn’t for the good people at Shiner you wouldn’t find the skateboard necessaries at skate shops so to celebrate they obviously held a party. It was a glorious day in Bristol, where the huge Distribution company is based and they supplied skaters from all over, who skated for various brands they supply with a banging mini ramp and some recently poured concrete for all the street dudes. To catch all the action watch the edit above thanks to Pixels. You will also see a few members of our family enjoying themselves at the bash of the year, the Shiner Forty Years Party. Happy Birthday guys!!



Chris Cope’s “Route 44” Part

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016




As far as skateboarding goes, it doesn’t get much better than this. I mean even my mum would enjoy this new ‘Route 44’ part from Chris Cope. There are tricks featured in this section that are mind blowing. Things that I’ve always wanted to witness too. For example someone doing a loop in a full pipe with no roll in, just straight pumping. Now that’s something we can all respect. Nice one Thrasher Magazine for sharing this one with us this morning. Not only is the unexpected sun shining in Manchester but I’m now also hyped to go shred after work. Life is good!


Chris Cope, the gnarly transition ripper obviously skates Independent’s, grab yours here..



Enjoi Ben Raemers

Friday, October 10th, 2014


Stoked to hear the news Enjoi have seen fit to turn long time UK ripper Ben Raemers pro. Ben’s been steady killing it so we’re heavily backing his new Pro status and he’s also a bloody nice chap to boot so let’s see his board sales rocket so he can treat himself to more cartoon character tattoos. 



We’ve seen fit to compile some of Ben’s most memorable sections from over the years and if you’ve not already heard Raemers and the rest of the Enjoi skateboarding team are set to release the long awaited ‘Oververt’ full length DVD next month. Along with Bens pro stick due in soon you’ll also be able to choose from the OG Oververt DVD and also a collectible edition with posters, stickers and more…




So Ben’s been riding as an am for Enjoi now since 2009 and also along the way picking up other fine brand sponsors like Volcom, Cons and Independent Trucks. All fully deserving of the young boy from Essex who has grown to be an all round terrain killer. Enjoi (bad pun sorry…) the clips we’ve chosen below and feel proud the UK is still producing some of the most original styles the skateboard world has seen. Massive congrats Ben from us all at The Black Sheep Store. So well deserved!




Tiltmode Episodes #23 Bad Boy Ben Raemers





Ben Raemers “Tweak the Beef” Full Part









Ben Raemers – Heel Toe Magic




Shop Enjoi Skateboards hear and look our for Ben’s new Pro board coming soon….