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The Vase video, by Isle Skateboards.

Thursday, November 19th, 2015




Isle Skateboards have come through with the UK’s newest skate video ‘Vase’. Premiered in London last weekend, it has had nothing but excellent reviews. Filmed and edited by Jacob Harris who certainly did himself and the Isle boys proud. Features sections from their newest pro Tom Knox then Nick Jensen, Casper Brooker, Jon Nguyen, Chris Jones, Paul Shier and Sylvain Tognelli. It’s British skateboarding at it’s finest. Some insane stunts can be seen on some iconic gritty spots from all over the UK. Music choices are also on point making it a really good video to get hyped before you hit the streets. You will be able to buy the DVD soon so keep your eyes peeled as you most definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. In the meantime you can purchase an Isle deck right here.


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Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Is it just me or is anyone else getting pissed off with video’s that are being posted on various blog posts/social networking sites that are only 15 seconds long? You get a one push, the trick, a second of the landing then a logo to finish it off…. what is that about?! Don’t get me wrong some are short and sweet but mostly there short and shit..



I’m guessing its started to happen through instagram which is cool for short videos to be used on instagram because you expect a quick clip but when your on a hype n want to watch some mint skate action n you get loads of 15 bloody second clips it’s takes you that long to find something decent you’ve lost the motivation to go skating! I’ll tell you what I miss and that I’ve started to do again because of this bullshit is sticking on a good old VHS or DVD… can’t go wrong. Also the good side to this is you don’t have to read a load of skate nerds comments about the video when in fact they should be out skating too!! Watch the above clip then watch Lavar’s part below from Trilogy (VHS) and you tell me which one gets you more hyped to go tear the streets! It’s Stannerz speaking so I’m welcome to all your abuse if you don’t agree!