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December video drop – Kalis, Louie, Alexis and Deathwish

Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Well God damn. Winter’s arrived but 2020’s December video drop begins and it’s already staggering.
We’re struggling to think of stronger start for the run up to Christmas and the inevitable slew of SOTY hunger. We’re only a week in too!

First up is the latest from the indisputable OG himself, Josh Kalis.
With a back catalogue stretching into the earliest 90s big kegs era (peep the red strides in his 1993 H-Street Lick debut), Kalis has nothing to prove. True to form though, this has never slowed his output.
The latest drop from Josh Kalis sees him delivering a ledge masterclass at his local DIY.
All the timeless Kalis moves, classic tunes and general good vibes as the weather closes in.
If this one doesn’t have you lusting after cargo pants then you need to squeegee your third eye.

December video drop – Kalis, Louie, Alexis and Deathwish

Next up, hot on the heels of November’s ‘Alright, Ok’ from Vans is Converse Cons‘ offering to the content Gods. ‘Seize The Seconds’ dropped with minimal prehype and delivered like a postie on speed. Not only do you get one of the greatest ever moments in skateboarding history courtesy of uber-legend Alexis Sablone, you also get cameos from the likes of Tommy Guerrero and Bobby DeKeyzer. If that’s not enough – Louie Lopez also drops a full part and somehow one-ups himself again. Truly bonkers. Ben Chardourne smashed it. There’s a lovely Ben Raemers tribute too – thank you Cons.

December video drop – Kalis, Louie, Alexis and Deathwish

Last, but by no mean least, is the new Deathwish full-length ‘Uncrossed’.
Sadly not available on YouTube (presumably due to music rights issues) ‘Uncrossed’ serves up what must go down as one of the most wildly suicidally-minded selection of skating in recent history.
Front krooks through double kinks, kickflips over entire streets and a Pedro Delfino part that’ll soil your pants for you. Truly insane. Peep the teaser below and then sink your teeth into the full meal over at the Thrasher magazine site.

Go watch, get stoked and try to ignore how cold it is.
We’re only a week into December – Christ only knows what the next three will bring!

Shake Junt – Flavor Country Video

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017


Shake Junt are back on our screens with their new Flavor Country video. Just like the rest of the edits and videos they have made this one is gonna make you call up the crew and head out for good time. It features Florida skaters Ish Cepeda, Zion Wright, John Dilorenxo, Tyson Peterson, Nikolai Piombo and the powerhouse that is Jamie Foy. Also watch our for special guest appearances from none other than the boss Andrew Reynolds and OG Baker head and steez master Jeff Lenoce. Click play below and get buck!



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Jamie Foy’s “Welcome to Deathwish” Part

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Jamie Foy had one heavy year in 2016.  He was another one of those skaters who released part after part. He also found himself landing a spot on the Diamond Footwear team, won the Am Getting Paid contest and to cap the year off got the official Am nod off Deathwish Skateboards. Now, two weeks after that, Deathwish have dropped his welcome part which is basically three minutes of handrail destruction. If he isn’t one of your fave skaters yet you might want to make room on your list. Jamie is an absolute beast, no handrail or spot for that matter is safe when he rolls into town. His skating is raw and to the point, so lets give a big round of applause for the newest member of the Deathwish family.



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Jamie Foy – Moving Forward Part

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016


Releasing at least one part per year for four consecutive years is generally considered to be pretty consistent in terms of skateboarding. Releasing four parts in eight months is relatively unheard of until now. Deathwish representative Jamie Foy is back on our screens once again via The Skateboard Mag with another rad part from an independent Florida video called Moving Forward made by Tyler Bamdas. Jamie has had quite the year so far, having already released three parts ( Including his Next New Wave part and Recruit for The Berrics, and also his Twoche part for Thrasher Magazine ) he has no sign of stopping. By the time you have finished watching this Jamie’s probably finishing off yet another part, he’s one of a new generation of super consistent skateboarders who just don’t stop…and we love it!



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Jamie Foy’s ‘Twoché’ Part

Monday, June 20th, 2016


Jamie Foy is having a pretty good year so far and were only half way through. He’s already had a Recruited and a full part released via the Berrics, then came another full part for Red Bull, as if that wasn’t enough he’s just released another full part this time via Thrasher. Now considering that it’s only June and he has four parts under his belt were pretty sure that we will be seeing a lot more from the Nike SB representative as the year goes on. This new part includes some expectedly heavy San Francisco footage and his ender is one of the heaviest tricks to go down in San Fran history. They call him “The Big Pinch” and if you don’t understand why, you will after watching this.




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