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Zero Skateboards “No Cash Value Vol. 5”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


A couple of years ago Zero Skateboards started releasing No Cash Value one part at a time. Now the final part has been put online via Thrasher Magazine and what a way to close out a series. With full parts from Windsor James who got on Zero back in June, a sick team montage section and Dane Burman closing the show with an epic ender and part. It’s everything that you would expect from a Zero video. Their legacy of being the gnarliest dudes is surely secured with this one.



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Welcome To Hell – The Raw Tour Tapes

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


20 years ago back in 1996, Toy Machine (then just three years old) released its third video titled Welcome To Hell. It was a dramatic change compared to Live! from 1994, when the team was made up of Ed Templeton, Jerry Fowler, Ethan Fowler, Joe Nemeth and others like Joel Danenhauer who could be found skating the Huntington Beach skate park. That progressed into Heavy Metal, Toy Machine’s second video offering from 1995 which saw Jamie Thomas take most of the control in the video and directing side of things. At that time, skateboarding popularity was on the up-rise. The X-Games had premiered on television (1995) and having a career within skateboarding was looking more viable. The early-90’s Goofy Boy stage of tiny wheels, giant clothes and oh so tech ledge combinations was faded away and by 1996 the emphasis came back to style and speed. That summer the team went on a U.S tour and now 20 years later raw footage has emerged from Josh Stewart’s archives. Ed, Jamie, Donny Barley, Brian Anderson, and the team skated demos on car parks with random obstacles in front of mellow crowds. There are baggy jeans and, of course, cargo pants, and there are early Zero T-shirt sightings. In the years that followed riders came and went but Ed stuck with Toy Machine. Welcome To Hell helped inspire an entire generation of skateboarders. Click play on the clips below for a glimpse of mid-90’s nostalgia.





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Fallen Footwear RIP

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016


Fallen Footwear is unfortunately no more.


Jamie Thomas broke the news on Instagram on Monday saying that the spring 16 run of shoes would be its last. Jamie Thomas founded Fallen back in 2003 and ran it through DC until 2004 when he brought it to his own distributor, Black Box. After Black Box dissolved in 2014 the brand moved to Dwindle distribution.


The current Fallen team consists of Thomas, Sandoval, Hansen, Dane Burman, Jon Dickson, and Tony Cervantes, all of whom are left without shoe sponsors. Some of the past riders included Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Matt Bennett, Gilbert Crockett and Josh Harmony. They released their full length video ‘Ride The Sky’ in 2008.


Earlier this year it launched the Minority Division, an initiative that partnered with local shops with Fallen Footwear, releasing customized shoes that are branded with shop logos. On Instagram Thomas said that it’s become increasingly difficult for traditional skate shoe brands to support skateboarding as they once did, which is sad and in this case true.


So there we go, another skater owned company bites the dust. Fallen RIP.






It is with a thankful & humble heart that I announce that Spring 2016 will be Fallen Footwear’s last season.
I would like to thank the past and present Fallen team, employees, distributors, and retailers. I’d also like to thank everyone that has ever bought a pair of our shoes or supported Fallen in any way over the past 13 years.
The Fallen mission and goal has always been to work with skateshops and support skateboarding with everything we do. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly more difficult for skate shoe brands.
Rather than waiver from this mission, we are choosing to bow out.
I encourage everyone to support authentic skate footwear brands as we wish them all the absolute best.
Skate or Die,
Jamie Thomas




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Eastern Exposure Zero

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


Dan Wolfe has uploaded his classic video Eastern Exposure Zero. Released way back when in 1996 in the era of the good old VHS! The video features Donny Barley, Ricky Oyola, Matt Reason, Fred Gall, Tim O’Connor, Willy Santos, Quim Cardona, Bam Margera, Mike Maldonado, Keith Hufnagel, Jamie Thomas, Pepe Martinez, Mike Bouchard and more. Put the kettle and enjoy this mid nineties classic!



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We Are Blood

Monday, August 24th, 2015





This month will see the release of what is probably going to be one of the most publicized skate video / documentaries in modern times, the highly anticipated We Are Blood will be available in the next week or two!


We Are Blood is backed by Green Label Films in association with Brain Farm ( an award winning full service entertainment and production company that specialize in unforgettable film, TV, digital and commercial content ) and is directed by skate film legend that is Ty Evans ( The Reason, Yeah Right, Fully Flared , Pretty Sweet – need we say more ?! ). The film stars non other than Paul Rodriguez and other top skateboarders such as Jamie Thomas, Chase Webb, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Sean Malto and a host of others.

They travel to places across the world including the USA, Spain, China, South America and even Dubai where they get to skate on the helipad on top of the Burj Khalifa ( the tallest building in the world! ) pushing the limits to see what can be possible on a skateboard. While at the same time conveying to the audience the bond created between people through the simple act of skateboarding and how that bond brings us together as a creative scene.






” We Are Blood will redefine how the world experiences and associates with skateboarding ” says Ty Evans. ” We are excited to tell a compelling story about the raw emotions of skateboarding, and by using the best in digital cinema techniques and equipment, we’re creating something different than skateboarding films of the past.” The film was shot in ultra HD 4K using state-of-the-art camera systems and from Ty’s previous work we can expect this one to be visually amazing. Just have a look at the official trailer below and you will see what I mean !





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