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Johnny Layton – Jenkem Bonus Part

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016


A week or so ago Jenkem Mag did an interview with Johnny Layton (once of Toy Machine) to see what he had been up to since he dint skateboard professionally anymore. He was one of the steeziest skaters at that moment in skate history and had possibly the best switch 360 flip ever ( remember the one down MACBA 4 in his good and evil part?). From the interview he explained how he had gone into a ‘proper’ job with Vans as he needed to provide for his wife and kids so he was busier than ever and couldn’t really pursue the professional demands anymore. Before his life got extra complicated he was still skating hard and stacking clips wherever he could, even though he’d stopped being pro he still had at least 9 minutes of footage. A lot of his best stuff got used in his Berrics part but there was still some leftover, so he decided to hand it to the people at Jenkem to release which they have done in this rad little fun edit. I’ve always liked Johnny’s skating for a long time and it’s good to see he still kills it.



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