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Rough Cut: The Worble’s Manramp Video

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017


It seem we can’t get enough of these rough cut edits at the moment. So do you remeber the Worbles Manramp video from last week? Chances are that you do….and you loved it. We’d also put a bet on you being stocked on the fact that Thrasher have just released eight minutes of raw footage that went into making that internet masterpiece that showed Jordan Maxham, Chris Colbour, Dave Mull and more skating with the aid of a man and piece of plywood. Simple, effective and very much enjoyable, keep skateboarding fun!



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Jordan Maxham “Sun Machine” Part

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


Prepare for one of the gnarliest parts you will probably see this year. Jordan Maxham comes through with the goods in his “Sun Machine” section. You might remember him from Ty Evans’ We Are Blood video in which he chucks himself down El Toro a good few times battling a massive frontside flip. It must be one of his go to tricks as the Grizzly Grip rider has also been on Jim Greco’s House Of Hammers feature What’s A Guy Gotta Do where he frontside flips over an eighteen stair handrail. He isn’t just the one hammer kind of guy though, he shows he’s got some tricky ledge techniques in his bag as well. Not going to spoil anything but just wait for that final trick, madness. The clip was released through The Skateboard Mag website and will probably be one of the most watched clips this week.





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