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December video drop – Kalis, Louie, Alexis and Deathwish

Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Well God damn. Winter’s arrived but 2020’s December video drop begins and it’s already staggering.
We’re struggling to think of stronger start for the run up to Christmas and the inevitable slew of SOTY hunger. We’re only a week in too!

First up is the latest from the indisputable OG himself, Josh Kalis.
With a back catalogue stretching into the earliest 90s big kegs era (peep the red strides in his 1993 H-Street Lick debut), Kalis has nothing to prove. True to form though, this has never slowed his output.
The latest drop from Josh Kalis sees him delivering a ledge masterclass at his local DIY.
All the timeless Kalis moves, classic tunes and general good vibes as the weather closes in.
If this one doesn’t have you lusting after cargo pants then you need to squeegee your third eye.

December video drop – Kalis, Louie, Alexis and Deathwish

Next up, hot on the heels of November’s ‘Alright, Ok’ from Vans is Converse Cons‘ offering to the content Gods. ‘Seize The Seconds’ dropped with minimal prehype and delivered like a postie on speed. Not only do you get one of the greatest ever moments in skateboarding history courtesy of uber-legend Alexis Sablone, you also get cameos from the likes of Tommy Guerrero and Bobby DeKeyzer. If that’s not enough – Louie Lopez also drops a full part and somehow one-ups himself again. Truly bonkers. Ben Chardourne smashed it. There’s a lovely Ben Raemers tribute too – thank you Cons.

December video drop – Kalis, Louie, Alexis and Deathwish

Last, but by no mean least, is the new Deathwish full-length ‘Uncrossed’.
Sadly not available on YouTube (presumably due to music rights issues) ‘Uncrossed’ serves up what must go down as one of the most wildly suicidally-minded selection of skating in recent history.
Front krooks through double kinks, kickflips over entire streets and a Pedro Delfino part that’ll soil your pants for you. Truly insane. Peep the teaser below and then sink your teeth into the full meal over at the Thrasher magazine site.

Go watch, get stoked and try to ignore how cold it is.
We’re only a week into December – Christ only knows what the next three will bring!

DC Shoes Kalis OG

Friday, April 5th, 2019


DC Shoes Kalis OG


You know your a 90’s skater when you still get the chills at the mention of Josh Kalis. The technique, style and street grace from the OG Love Park ruler has been rocking the DC Shoes brand since day dot pretty much.


If your asking why the blog piece on Kalis and Dc Shoes… basically we’ve got a very special re-release due in store very soon. As yet even DC Shoes UK can’t tell us the release date so for now these sure to be highly sort after skate shoes will sit under a watchful protection in our skate store stock room. Keep a look out via our social media platforms for any shoe release updates.


So not that we need an excuse but there’s nothing like avoiding the real work piling up and reminiscing on one of our all time faves here at the Black Sheep Store, Sir Style Guru Josh Kalis!


This excuse of work basically involves “researching” all our fondest parts from Kalis and delving into the photo archive with long time photographer friend Blabac. These two are like peas in a pod when it comes to sponsored skateboarder and professional photographers. There joint work over the years has created timeless master pieces that no doubt adorn walls World Wide.








A little brief history with Kalis follows and yet more reasons he’s a skaters “skater” favourite. Born and raised in Michigan and known for his integration into many a skate scene World Wide. From stints (and probably the most fondly remembered) in Philadelphia,  Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco plus gracing our European skate world with an much welcomed over stay residency in Barcelona. All this travel whilst staying true with his first love of his family and now settled down in the sunshine capital of Carlsbad, California, US. Josh continues to kill it on his skateboard, being one of the “elders|” of the 90’s street skating movement he show’s no sign of letting up. Good to see DC Skateboarding recognise this lifetime achievement and still honour Kalis with his own range of dope footwear including the all new DC Shoes Kalis S


Watch the video below for said recent release with Kalis x Blabac “Yours For The Taking”





So with such heritage with Dc Shoes and Josh Kalis it comes as no surprise to see a reprisal of the Kalis OG silhouette. The hype around this shoe from the original release back in 2000 was crazy, every other skater you’d see was rocking the OG Kalis with as many extra padded tongues as humanly possible. The baggy vibe of the early 2000’s could certainly be honoured to Kalis himself along with the tech street movement of the time.


So with all this said we’re stoked to announce to be one of the chosen few stockist in the UK to be offering up the DC Shoes Kalis OG. As mentioned above these are currently under lock and key in store but we’ve managed to sneak a few pictures and a coming soon listing for you to drool over.







No Josh Kalis blog piece would be complete without a mighty feast of dope footage. Scan below for Alien Workshop “Photosynthesis” classic part and Kalis’s backlog of fine sections for DC Shoes and more…













Shop DC Shoes Kalis OG here –


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DGK All Night

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016


The DGK squad have just dropped a new edit online named DGK All Night. Yep, you guessed it as the name suggests it features the team skating at night. It’s full of heavy hitting footage from the likes of Dwayne Fagunes, Dylan Sourbeer, Derrick Wilson, Connor Champion, Maurice Jordan, Marcus McBride, Boo Johnson, Dane Vaughan, Ricky Chavez, Juan Moreno, Quel Haddox,  Marquise Henry, Wade Desarmo, and Josh Kalis.



Get your new DGK deck here >



Love Park Will Be Missed!

Thursday, February 18th, 2016




Every now and again various architects produce some mind blowing architecture. Architecture that us skateboarders can go and make the most of. Whether it be outside a local shop or a square. For example Manchester has Urbis, a skate spot that has been skated for a huge number of years now and the spot can be related to our city. Philadelphia City has Love Park, different to our Urbis that is known widely around the UK. Love Park is an international skate spot that pretty much every skateboarder will have heard of. You know it’s made it onto the skateboard map when Wikipedia have a section when searching Love Park called, Skateboarding In Love Park. Although sadly, the Love Park days have come to an end as it has been closed for construction, for the third time trying to keep our creativeness away from the most perfect spot in skateboarding.



love park crew


The locals such as Ricky Oyola, Anthony Pappalardo, Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis were really the ones that made this perfect spot famous around the world. Especially when Dan Wolfe starting to document the spot filming various skateboarders tearing it apart like Bam Magera, Tim O’connor, Fred Gall… The list goes on and on, trust me. When people who were located outside of Philadelphia heard about this spot, they made the journey from all over to see what all the hype was about. This obviously increased the popularity, meaning it was never seen without several skaters making the most of the marble on offer. It wasn’t just the marble that was made use of, the infamous massive fountain gap that has seen some shocking tricks go down was a highlight. The various kickers over bins, manuel pads, marble ledge after ledge, drop down ledge and the most famous 3 sets to grace this world. Lets just say it had it all.



love park spots


I mean Love Park in international skateboarding culture, led to Philadelphia being chosen to host the 2001 and 2002 X-games. Viewed by 150 million people in over 18 countries and attracting nearly a half million spectators during the two year stay. But then it was still illegal to skate there after everything it had done for not only skateboarders but the city itself, madness. I can’t begin to explain how annoyed the locals must be as I’m getting annoyed and I’m sat at a computer in Manchester. And unfortunately  have never had an opportunity to skate there. We can all relate to a local spot that you’ve skated from an early age being knocked down or skate stopped though, it’s heart breaking. To show some love back to one of the best spots and most influential places skateboarding has ever seen here’s some parts/videos where Love Park has been featured. Enjoy people as I doubt you’ll be seeing anymore new footage from this place in the future…




Anthony Pappalardo, stolen from his part in Habitats, Mosaic. If you haven’t already seen this section anyway then what are you doing, it’s a classic!!




Josh Kalis in Photosynthesis. One of the Love Park regulars showing everyone how it’s done.




Stevie Williams in the DC Video. Now this was a part that shocked the world. Stevie a Love Park local, with a pop bigger than the park itself, legendary.





Ricky Oyola 411 #10 (1995), note the switch wallie at 1:37 that’s lurking in one of the longest and most stylish lines to grace Love Park.






This clip of Ishod is the best video to actually comprehend how big the Love Park fountain gap actually is. It’s huge and if Thrasher’s recent skater of the year struggled, you can imagine it’s not your average gap.





Fred Gall was a familiar face that used Love Park to its advantage. Plus he’s a pal of The Black Sheep’s so we couldn’t leave this dude out!





To finish on it had to be none other than the Love Park documentary by ‘ON video’ that came out in the early 2000’s. The first skateboard documentary I ever saw and to be honest I haven’t seen a better one since. Maybe because the amount of skating Love Park has seen is phenomenal, or maybe because the people and the history this place has produced is just spectacular. Love Park will always be a huge part of skateboarding and it has contributed so much to skateboarding.


Another skate spot bites the dust… LOVE PARK WILL BE MISSED!