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Dickies Workwear – Eddie Belvedere

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015


Dickies Workwear Eddie Belvedere Skateboarding London

Eddie-Belvedere – Photo Danny J Parker.



We all know Eddie Belvedere has been around smashing it for some time now so it couldn’t be more perfect to see a match made in heaven as he now joins the Dickies Workwear European team. Obviously hyped for our Eddie and obviously looking forward to seeing more from one of Manchester’s most productive skater. Proper chuffed to see Eddie getting hooked up by a reputable company that’s been rocked by skaters for as long as I can remember and as mentioned this match up of rider and brand just works perfectly on all fronts.


Get watching below for the highly crafted Sam Bailey edit for Kingpin Magazine which was filmed over just two days down in good old London Town.



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Kingpin Manchester Skateboarding Scene

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014


Kingpin Magazine came through good with there latest issue showcasing the Kingoin Manchester scene in it’s ever productive state.


The Kingpin Manchester skateboarding scene article has hit the internet! Big up’s to Gez Curren from Sole Tech UK who had the difficult task of describing the UK’s strongest skateboard scene! We all know that the Manchester skateboarding scene is made up of a real collective of people which makes it so unique. Manchester was the first industrialized city in the world securing her status as the capital of the north. With so much industrial and artistic heritage, the football teams, the music and the bands that came from here, Manchester has always been ahead of its game and the skating is no exception. Of course Sean Lomax followed suit with his well rounded edit covering the well known and not so known’s from our powerful locals. We strongly suggest you click the Bad Man Barrett picture below and link through to a six minute intensive insight into the wonderful world that is the Manchester skateboarding scene! As the the great Mr Tony Wilson once said, ” This is Manchester, we do things differently here”.


Massive props to all involved and remember folks to support your local scene !


Top Picture- Jiri Bulin by Chris Johnson.

Bottom Picture- Chris Barrett by Leo Sharp.


Bright Skate Awards 2014

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Watch the Bright Annual European Skate Awards 2014 live and direct by clicking the link below:


20:30 Live stream Starts
20:40 Interviews with nominees
21:15 Awards start
23:00 Awards End/ Cross to winner interviews in green room
23:05 Interview winner: Best skater
23:15 Interview winner: Kingpin reader Choice
23:25 Interview winner: Best Skate Shop clips
23:30 Thank you and good bye/ switch to replay