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Happy Easter – Egg Head Skaters

Friday, March 25th, 2016


In conjunction with the Easter weekend, I thought we would keep everything Egg based. I’m sure a lot of you will already have tucked into at least one Easter Egg or maybe more so why not watch a load of skate sections. Featuring dudes with Egg heads! Please do not be offended, got to keep with the Easter theme after all haven’t I.





Who better to start with then Matt Mumford, one of skateboarding’s veterans. An absolute legend who has given so much to skateboarding. Releasing parts for generations although I’ve gone with his ‘Misled Youth’ section as it’s one of the best.





The next Egg Head to the collection is none other than the legend himself, Mike Vallely. At various stages of his career he rocked the bald head look allowing him to featured in the article.





Andy Roy is an Egg Head not to be messed with. He’s a gnarly dude, rad skater and mad Egg Head off his board.





The next Egg Head is Rodney Mullen. I have included good old Rodney not because the shape of his head but simply because he is an extremely intellectual dude. You thought Steven Hawkings was clever, think again.





Jason may not be a skater but lets appreciate that EGG HEAD!





Finally to finish off with have Marc Johnson. Probably the best skating Egg Head we will ever be graced with. Watch his 3 part section from Lakai’s ‘Fully Flared’ video as it’s bloody brilliant.


eggcellent 1



As well as all these powerful sections we are also holding some eggcellent weekend deals. First of all you need to follow our our Instagram to get involved. For now though take a look below to gather an idea of what we will be doing and what’s up for grabs….


eggcellent 2





Emerica x Manolos Tapes Present: Jerry Hsu

Friday, January 8th, 2016





Jerry Hsu, one of the most stylish skateboarders to grace this earth. He has been a huge part of skateboarding for many years. He is a legend on and off the board and now thanks to Emerica x Manolos tapes we have an eight minute part of Jerry, reedited by Manolo for 2016. Get watching because he is one of the dopest! I’m finishing work in less than half an hour and after watching that it’s pretty certain that i’ll be shredding into the early hours.


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Welcome To Hell

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015


toy machine logo


Toy Machine, a company that has been nothing but solid from the start (1993). It was created by Ed Templeton, one of skateboarding’s veterans who with out a doubt has one the best FS nose-blunts in the game! Initially, at the birth of the brand Templeton couldn’t decide what name to give this new comapany. It was a choice between “Toy Skateboards” or “Machine Skateboards”. It was when his good friend and fellow professional skateboarder Ethan Fowler suggested a combination of the two propositions, giving you Toy Machine Skateboards.


ed templeton


Templeton was born in Orange County, California, US and began skateboarding in 1985. You would have found him cruising the streets of his home town, that was Huntington Beach with his good pal Jason Lee who you may recognize from the popular comedy series ‘My Name Is Earl’, otherwise it’ll be for his mad quirky style on a board. With Templeton he saw nothing but a career in skateboarding, fully committed from an early age, ‘The first thing that I ever saw was a kid skating down the street and he ollied up a curb; that was, you know, the thing that got me started. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, like, how could this guy just keep cruising down the street and not have to stop and pick up his board.’ I’ll have to agree with that too, I thought it was magic. He most definitely didn’t see himself going back to life as a normal human being anyway. He obviously made the right choice as he went on to produce some powerful video parts that have included the best style/selection of tricks I’ve ever seen. His part in ‘Welcome To Hell’ was bonkers!




Holy shit, the One Foot FS lip at 1:30, mind blowing. Templeton has produced many more parts too that I highly recommend you watch, Toy Machine: Jump Off A Building, Emerica: This Is Skateboarding, Toy Machine: Suffer The Joy, Emerica: Stay Gold, the list goes on. As-well as having an incredible career in skateboarding Templeton is also a well respected artist which connects hugely with Toy Machine as the really familiar graphics used in conjunction with the brand have mostly been designed by himself. The well known character featured below can easily be renown as the face of Toy Machine.



toy machine graphic



Other graphics that come to mind are the Toy Machine Knuckles, The Eye and the Devil, all of them are brilliant designs. Not only are the graphics on fire but their team is also one to be proud of. You will find Diego “The Butcher” Bucchieri, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Leo Romero, Matt Bennett, Collin Provost, Jordan Taylor, Daniel Lutheran, Blake Carpenter and Jeremy Leabres shredding the boards. Some of the skateboarders who joined the company during its early period were Brian Anderson, Elissa Steamer, and Brad Staba. However, all three quit the company at the same time. Austin Stephens also joined the team, he actually became the longest-serving team member aside from Templeton but sadly retired from professional skateboarding in December 2013. To commemorate  Stephens’s career they released a tribute skateboard deck and Templeton officially stated:


I recall Austin coming to me at the Toy Machine Halloween demo a few years back saying that he didn’t think he could do it anymore. And I said, “Do what?” and he said, “Skateboard. My ankle doesn’t work anymore.” … I respect a man who is willing to see things as they are and make an honest choice. So it was with great sadness that we retired Austin Stephens, the rider who was on Toy Machine the longest aside from me.


It’s a really shame loosing skaters that many of us have looked up too from an early age due to injury. Although let’s not dwell as I’m sure the current team will go on to produce many more eye catching videos for us all to get hyped on. Here’s Nick Trapasso’s part from one of Toy Machine’s more recent videos, ‘Brainwash’. More style than Vivienne Westwood right there.





I love working in a skate shop, none other than here but it’s amazing when you can reminisce about a brand you’ve grown up with. A new drop of Toy Machine boards have just arrived and it takes me right back to being a kid staring at the yet familiar graphics that were plastered on a wall in my local skate shop. I’m pleased to say, you can still find them now on display including here at The Black Sheep Store. All I ask is that you take time to consider this skater owned brand next time you’re thinking of replacing your old whip with a new plank. It deserves a lots of respect and I’m extremely glad my bosses are willing to support one of skateboarding’s finest by constantly stocking Toy Machine. If you’re from Manchester or just appreciate good music you’d be mad to miss out on the new Joy Division inspired graphic.




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Skateboarding’s Finest Photographers

Thursday, November 26th, 2015


Let’s just put it straight. A lot of hard work goes into the skateboard world and its obviously the best thing to happen since Noah built his ark. If it wasn’t for the photographers who capture this creative invention we would have never of witnessed magazines such as Thrasher, Transworld, Slap, Sidewalk, Document, Free, North and Grey. The photographers, from my point of view are just as important as the film-makers and skaters themselves. Allowing you to reminisce on skateboarding. After all they do lug a huge bag around all day waiting for that special moment when capturing that split second of the trick. Giving you a monthly read. What else could you do whilst sat on the bog than read a skate mag hey? Standard isn’t it! I’ve got a huge amount of respect for the dudes who photograph the worlds best thing, skateboarding. Here’s some legends that have grafted for years behind the lens.




Photographer: Glen E. Friedman.

Skater: Tony Alva.



atiba jefferson

Photographer: Atiba Jefferson.

Skater: Andrew Reynolds.



Photographer: Daniel Harold Sturt.

Skater: Matt Hensley.



Photographer: Lance Dawes

Skater: Jovantea Turner


Jason Lee by Spike Jonze

Photographer: Spike Jonze.

Skater: Jason Lee



Photographer: Gabe Morford.

Skater: John Cardiel.



Photographer: Mike O’Meally.

Skater: Jason Jesse.


stevie williams

Photographer: Mike Blabac.

Skater: Stevie Williams.


Absolutely stunning! Some quite old iconic images there but none the less, they’re just as beautiful as the recent ones you see. Next time you’re out n about maybe help the photographer by at least carrying a tripod. You might not see at the time when you’re jumping down sets or putting the work in on a ledge but they work just as hard and deserve a little break. Go out with any camera, whether it be a Iphone, SLR or Film camera and capture that shit! It’s got to be done…


HUF x UXA Collaboration

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

The Black Sheep are honored to announce that we have an exclusive HUF x UXA collab dropping later this week. It will be available in our City Center store on Church St and online. Only store in Europe to be stocking this bad man shit! We all know about the brand HUF but if you don’t know the story behind it, it is rather interesting. It was founded by one of New Yorks finest skaters Keith Hufnagel who has been shredding it up since the late 80s. At this time when Keith started skateboarding it was seemed as a thing for outcasts like hip hop and punk rock was, so I feel that this allowed him to understand the world in a different manner to the general public. Who in their masses showed nothing but hate towards this new extreme sport which has now taken over the world….



Ignoring the public’s views Keith took skateboarding to another level and turned pro in 1992. He was supported by many companies, flown all around the world and generally having a mint time thanks to the sponsors he had accumulated. To give some support back to the skate community he decided to open a small store in San Fransisco in 2002 called HUF. It was only right that he started to design and introduce his own company to live along side the shop since its success was massive. From that you have the brand HUF that can now be seen worldwide and is easily one of the most seen brand in the skate industry today. I’m pretty sure that you will have come into contact with the company from the most famous socks invented to their stylish set of shoes. To go with the product HUF have a skate team you will not forget. You can see such people like Kieth himself, Joey Pepper, Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillette to their newest rider Sammy Winter repping the brand. 



UXA is also a brand to come out kicking and screaming out of New York and was established by designer Peter Huynh in 2000 then was relaunched in 2012. Knowing the background on the brand name and inspiration for the logo, in his own words the ‘X’ is a variable and is to represent the crossover of all street wear brands into the skate world and now after over 20 years in the NYC skateboarding game Pete Huynh is happy where the brand sits among his peers. The now iconic UXA ‘Kickflip Man’  logo has stood the test of time and so it seems the perfect fit to use it in this Huf collaboration. You mustn’t forget the mastermind behind this brand has worked with some serious heavy hitters from the music industry like Mobb Deep  and he was also the first NYC based brand to collab with the legendary Mark ‘Gonz’ Gonzales. With a brand statement that boldly shouts ‘To bring inspiration to every skateboarder in the World’ we’re backing this underdog heavy weight hitter. 



This will be the third time that HUF and UXA join forces and it’s possibly my favorite so far. After the previous two collaborations between the brands, this new collection combines both UXA’s signature Skate-Man graphic and HUF’s classic Plantlife pattern bringing you a range of tees, hats and socks. I can guarantee it’s going to be a huge hit! Take a peak below at the socks to see whats to be expected!



Like I mentioned before this is our first European exclusive to the Black Sheep and will be available on a first come, first served basis on Thursday 9th October. It will be expected to sell out quickly and I wouldn’t want any of you doggers out there to miss out on this legendary collab. Check the clip below to witness one of UXAs best Zered Bassett tearing it up…. will surely get you hyped!