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Life’s A Beach Clothing

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015





Yes that’s right, one of the most missed companies of the 1980’s, Life’s A Beach is back and we here at the Black sheep are happy to say that we will be stocking products from this iconic brand!


It was started back in the early 80’s by Jeff Theodosakis and brothers Mark and Brian Simo. Jeff worked in the restaurant business and the brothers were tree surgeons.

They were based in Chicago and all three were motocross riders who traveled the circuit and this took them to Florida a few months each year. Even though they were ranking competitors they never really made any money from the sport, ” We were basically bums” Theodosakis says.  During their chill time in Florida they would hit up the beach, where they were horribly offended by men’s ball-strangling swim wear styles and felt like they needed to create a fashion alternative.

They decided to make knee length baggy shorts out of tablecloths and curtains! The shorts were met with a warm reception and the three started to sell them on the motocross circuit. They had little success at first in some of the Florida store until a Fort Lauderdale shop started selling them during spring break. That was it, they sold their bikes and bought sewing machines and built the business from Chicago until 1985 when the relocated to Carlsbad, California.

They then found themselves in the thick of the world as what we now know as extreme sports: motocross, surfing and skating etc. They made unique and wild styles which Life’s A Beach was especially geared towards expressing the pursuits of these sports. To show their own support they sponsored a number of top riders ( Now legends!) in each field, these included championship MX rider Rick Johnson, professional surfer Sunny Garcia, BMXer Brian Blyther and top skateboarders Mark Gonzales, Bill Danforth, Ron Allen, Dave Crabb, Jamie Mosberg and Mike Vallely. In 1988, Life’s A Beach introduced a sub-division deck brand under the name B.C.C, which stood for Bad Boy Club!

Now after a twenty one year absence Life’s A Beach is back, in part largely to Greg Finch with the help of Melvyn De Villiers and Fergus Purcell who have brought this well recognizable company back to life!