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Great work Manchester Council – Urbis skate stopped

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Serious stupidity at work here – Great work Manchester Council – Urbis skate stopped.
So as of yesterday, fences went up around the main podium ledges outside Urbis so that the council can pursue an almost unbelievably culturally myopic approach to ‘controlling’ skateboarding in one of the city’s most active plaza spaces.
At a point in time when cities like London, Milton Keynes and Nottingham (to name just a few) are embracing and celebrating the contribution of skateboard culture to the lives of their cities, Manchester, a globally celebrated city of culture, have decided to adopt one of the most retrogressive and down right stupid positions imaginable.

Since its completion in 2002 as part of the redevelopment of Exchange Square, Urbis (formerly the ‘Museum of the City’) has been a lively plaza space in the very centre of Manchester playing host to the city’s thriving skate/BMX and street sports scene which has seamlessly intermingled with the hordes of shoppers, tourists and office workers crossing the square on a daily basis.

As of yesterday however, Manchester City Council have decided to fence the space off, cut into the granite ledges and add the always aesthetically disgusting defensive architecture concept AKA ‘skate stoppers’ to the ledges, along with erecting over 15 signs warning all and sundry that, not only will street sports no longer be tolerated in the space, but that anyone caught using the space around Urbis for such prescribed activities will now be liable for a £500 fine.

Great work Manchester Council - Urbis skate stopped

Let’s just pause for a second and put this idiotic move into a wider context.
In London, the City itself and the venerable Southbank Centre/Hayward Gallery have worked alongside the Long Live Southbank campaign to acknowledge and celebrate skateboarding, BMX etc on one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in western Europe.
In Milton Keynes, the city council and the UK Heritage Fund have just hosted a 6-month exhibition and local museum celebrating the skateboard culture of their city.
In nearby Nottingham, local pressure group Skate Nottingham are currently working alongside their city council to fund and redesign currently redundant space to foster their own skateboard scene in acknowledgement of the positive contributions that said culture has made to the city as a whole.

Which leads us nicely onto Manchester’s approach to the same culture. That’s Manchester, the celebrated home of the Hacienda, of Factory Records, of globally famous musicians, film makers, designers and a city with one of the most influential skateboard scenes in the UK.
How have Manchester City Council approached skateboarding culture in their city?
Yep, that’s correct – they’ve decided to ban it.
Unbelievable. Tony Wilson must be turning in his grave, honestly.

Great work Manchester Council - Urbis skate stopped

There’s a lot to be said and done about this and this little blog post is only intended as the first step to draw attention to how utterly short-sighted and self-defeating this latest move is. All I will say for now is this: when Urbis turns into Piccadilly Gardens Mark 2, filled with hordes of stumbling spice zombies as a result of the urban cleansing of those who used to occupy and use the space in a positive manner – I’m going to be the very first person to say “I told you so…”

Shame on you Manchester City Council. Everybody who reads this needs to contact their local MP and write a letter/email explaining why this attempt to kill off living street culture in the supposed capital of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is so bloody stupid.
Get on it. Now. Link to complain is above.
Make sure that you point out that all the damage to the floor is due to massive lorries driving through the space to set up Christmas markets as well – before they try laying that at skateboarding’s door too.

Great work Manchester Council - Urbis skate stopped

Cottonopolis Video – Manchester Skateboarding

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Cottonopolis Video – Manchester Skateboarding



So it’s been a hot minute since we see Sean Lomax going it alone again for another full length production of documenting the Manchester Skateboarding scene. If you seen any of Sean’s past work you’ll know his integrity and down right unique sick way he captures such a vibrant scene. We’ve compiled some of his finest ‘skateboarding’ work for you below but watch and be aware that all this work is made outside of his real job of doing high end TV production filming. The dedication is always a true reflection of Lomax’s craft and the finished product is always something that stands the test of time.





If you not already seen the hype for this premiere on social media then just be sure your in attendance Friday the 1st March (doors open at 19.00.) To give the newly named ‘Cottonopolis Video‘ it’s deservedly premier the Manchester Skateboarding scene will be treated to a real cinema style setting. This is not for those lurkers just after the free beer whilst squinting at a little monitor, this is sure to be a more rowdy yet civilized affair. Entry on the door will be a donation of just £4.00 and we’ve been advised the younger skaters may attend in the company of a responsible adult. Click the link for venue info at NIAMOS Center Hulme.




As mentioned above you’ll get a sample to what Cottonopolis Video production will be like. Get your viewing pleasure on and catch up on a whole host of amazing Manchester Skateboarding. Yes the scene is strong here and the amount of sponsored skaters within such a small proximity lends itself to being the most ever productive skateboarding scene the UK has ever witnessed. Big up to all the featured skaters no matter who you rider for it’s always inspiring to see such a tight crew as it was and how it should be. And obvious props to Sean for his continued documentation of the above mentioned skate scene. Always got big love for the Independent producers, artist, photographers, retailers etc as the true shine always reflects in there chosen art. Anyway… get watching and then get your cruisers decks out and mission on down to Hulme tomorrow for the fun and frolics of what’s sure to be a monumental Manchester Skateboarding event.


Kingpin Magazine Manchester Scene video-



Superdead Skateboards (RIP) – One crazy road trip for our old brand Superdead Skateboards- 





Harry Lintell Black Sheep Team Welcome Edit



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Kingpin Manchester Skateboarding Scene

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014


Kingpin Magazine came through good with there latest issue showcasing the Kingoin Manchester scene in it’s ever productive state.


The Kingpin Manchester skateboarding scene article has hit the internet! Big up’s to Gez Curren from Sole Tech UK who had the difficult task of describing the UK’s strongest skateboard scene! We all know that the Manchester skateboarding scene is made up of a real collective of people which makes it so unique. Manchester was the first industrialized city in the world securing her status as the capital of the north. With so much industrial and artistic heritage, the football teams, the music and the bands that came from here, Manchester has always been ahead of its game and the skating is no exception. Of course Sean Lomax followed suit with his well rounded edit covering the well known and not so known’s from our powerful locals. We strongly suggest you click the Bad Man Barrett picture below and link through to a six minute intensive insight into the wonderful world that is the Manchester skateboarding scene! As the the great Mr Tony Wilson once said, ” This is Manchester, we do things differently here”.


Massive props to all involved and remember folks to support your local scene !


Top Picture- Jiri Bulin by Chris Johnson.

Bottom Picture- Chris Barrett by Leo Sharp.