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London Raw 2 – Manny Lopez & Harry Lintell for Austin Bristow

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017


Here is London Raw 2 from Austin Bristow – a re-edit of the raw footage of Manny Lopez and Black Sheep rider Harry Lintell that first appeared in Austin’s earlier Capital series. Feast your eyes on three minutes of raw cruising around the capital from two of the most on point and productive lads in the game. Hitting up some London hot spots like Southbank, Canada Water and various other locations across the city. If Instagram is anything to go by these two are reportedly working on another heavy project with some well established London filmers, but that’ll remain a secret for now but I’m sure we will all know about it in the future.



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Capital 7

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016


The latest edit from Austin Bristow has landed, Capital 7 is here keeping us up to date with skateboard happenings in and around London. The edit features Manny Lopez, Jak Pietryga, Jeremy Jones, Will Creswick, Husayn Smart, Harrison Davis, Conor Charleson and shop rider / Black Sheep enthusiast Harry Lintell, check out that multi story car park spot !




Capital 06

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


Tuesday viewing treat as the latest Capital 06 edit is now online from Austin Bristow! More day to day as it happens top notch skateboarding from out of the big smoke! Kyron Davis and Ross McGouran join the likes of Sheep representative Harry Lintell along with various London rippers like Manny Lopez, Jeremy Jones, Jack Pietryga and many more! Click play now for the latest London shredding!





Video Selek – Harry Lintell & Manny Lopez

Monday, February 8th, 2016


Brand new Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez footage for you today courtesy of Kevin Parrott! Harry and Manny have spent the last two months battling blustering winds, rain showers and limited daylight whilst out on filming missions and this is the results of their efforts! Video Selek – a shared part filmed in and around the city of London , good work lads!



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Capital 03

Monday, February 1st, 2016


The third installment from Austin Bristow’s Capital series is now online and it’s the best one to date! Real skateboarding, as it happens in the Big Smoke ! Capital 03 featuring C3P0 and crew with Reuben Dehaan, Bryce Campbell, Nelly Mayele, Conor Charleson, Manny Lopez, Jak Pietryga, Sox, Jake Collins, Will Creswick and our very own Black Sheep representative Harry Lintell repping a snazzy crimbo jumper! Click play below for some London orientated shredding!



Rush Hour – Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015



In association with Kingpin, this Kevin Parrott produced video – ‘Rush Hour’, includes our very own and Real skateboards ripper Harry Lintell tanking it around, hitting up several of the capitals lesser seen spots with his partner in crime Manny Lopez! We all know that every city around the country has those spots that are always in the minds of local skaters to hit up, but the reality is that your only going to get a single go…if your lucky, and then there’s the imminent arrival of security guards turning up and giving you the boot! Now there are some people out there, for example Harry and Manny, who only need a couple of tries at best to get their trick and that’s the focus around ‘Rush Hour’. The old rush a quick one in before the High visibility jackets come to stop you in your tracks, then the standard “oh come on mate one more try” proceeding the cheeky ” we not get five more minutes please pal?!?” The fact that any of these tricks were landed at the spots is a challenge in itself, but Harry and Manny are well on it….but you lot knew that anyway! Enjoy the clip below and try and go and hit up that impossible spot next time you go skate!





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