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Stannerz Rants About Switch Mongo.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016





First of all I would like to apologize to the dude in the video above for using him as an example, but lets be honest pushing mongo, isn’t the most stylish of things to watch. I’m not a hater and it’s only my personal opinion but mongo is a wasteman maneuver! Although why does my mind tell me different things when a skater was to push mongo switch? Now that changes everything, for a reason I can’t explain. I may be contradicting myself but to be honest in my eyes they are totally different. I push mongo switch the majority of the time, does that make me a wasteman? Some of you may think so and after seeing a comment recently about how gay a switch mongo push is, by a kid that can’t even ollie and can only no comply out of his miserable life. To change this kids thoughts I thought I would show you some of the best skaters to grace this earth who push mongo switch. The youth of today may reconsider commenting on various skate clips after knowing who actually does push mongo, in switch.



Stevie Williams.




None other than Gino Iannucci. One of the most stylish skateboarders to ever step foot on a board, and yes you’ve guessed it, another incredible skater who pushes switch in mongo. There may not be a lot of evidence in this part but the line at 1:45 says it all.



Josh Kalis.



Mike Carroll.



Nick Jensen.



Rodrigo Tx.



Scott Palmer.


My name is Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield and I’m fighting the love for pushing switch mongo. If you disagree don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram for a debate, although I feel I’ve fought my argument pretty hard. I mean come on, Gino is the don, so you can’t hate the best player in the game.