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France’s Finest Skateboarders

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


Today I want to to do an article on some French skaters who inspired me since the early days. I used to have some sketchy copies of these VHS videos, all of them in black and white, recorded by older guys from the skatepark. Some of these parts are quite old, others are more about the ” NEW” scene. Check it out, here are some of my all time classics.


Franck Barattiero




Geoffroy Leblanc




Bastien Salabanzi


Lucas Puig


The Fresh Parisian scene


Max Geronzi


Florent Mirtain


Jean-Baptiste Gillet


Unbelievable Florentin Marfaing







New Balance Numeric 04/12/13

Monday, December 2nd, 2013


Yeah that’s right, we’ll be one of six stores in Europe to get the first exclusive Holiday drop from the New Balance Numeric skate range. We’re obviously expecting high demand for these so be prepared for 12 midday on Wednesday 4th December as they’ll be available on a no reserve policy at our Manchester Skateboard Store and online immediately.

Drag that cursor in a downwards motion to see what you can expect with the 5 new shoe offerings from New Balance Numeric. Not pictured but we will also have two very limited runs of the Reflex Premium Tshirts in Vintage Black and Heather Grey along with the Shadow Tee in Black.

It’s seems a decade ago since we attended the sneak peak viewing of these next generation skate shoes but as you’d expect from the New Balance camp these are some serious quality footwear. Even in the pre-production samples we got to peruse all them months back what sticks in our mind is the over all solid construction with some serious tech put into each style.

So if you’ve already been researching the new direction for New Balance you’ll know they’ve gotten into bed so to speak with skate industry legend Jamie Thomas and all at Black Box brands (the guys who bring you Zero, Fallen and Slave Skateboards etc..) so rather than blindly walking into a whole new world of footwear with blinkers on you know they’ve come correct by including the many years of experience and skate knowledge that comes with working with these industry kingpins.


Another first for New Balance Numeric is the naming of the shoes, as in all the many years of New Balance history they have only ever numbered there different styles such as the iconic signature runner 574 but now with the introduction of there skate range they’ve attached names such as the Quincy, Logan, Brighton and Stratford all of which are cleverly drawn from the local Boston surroundings.

As with each countries launch of the highly anticipated range New Balance Numeric seen fit to bring you the whole team respectively cruising/crushing each territory and fingers crossed with the imminent UK release we’ll at some point see some grimy cobbled spots on British soil getting a good seeing to. Watch below for what you can come to expect from team riders PJ Ladd, Arto Saari, Tom Karangelov and Levi Brown along with Scottish all round good human being John Rattray heading up team management duties.








New Balance Numeric

Saturday, November 9th, 2013




Another super slick and original edit from what’s sure to be a staple new skate shoe company in the UK as well. For those that keep asking they are currently only available in the U.S and Canada right now but we’ll have you all the info you require coming very soon….. Get them guessing/speculating/rumors thinking hats on for who’ll be joining the New Balance Numeric UK team!



New Balance skate shoes will be exclusively available for Manchester in our skate shop and online soon……..


New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes Coming Soon….

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Well if you hadn’t heard already New Balance have set foot into the skate shoe market with heavy backing from the good folk at Black Box Distribution. They’ve already released New Balance Numeric over in the States and Canada with European distribution starting out with just the UK for Spring 2014. The hype is already building over the pond with the team so far including Aarto Saari, PJ Ladd, Levi Brown, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor and Tyler Surrey alongside longtime Zero Skateboards pro John Rattray handling team management duties.
Keep a look out over on the New Balance Numeric Vimeo page for all the latest skate clips but for now check below for the finely Russell Houghten produced ‘Team Intro’ and ‘A Place In The Sun’ edits.






We’ll be the only Manchester Skate Shop stocking New Balance Numeric so keep a keen eye on this link for availability.