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Nike SB X Poler Clothing

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013



If your not already aware of Nike sb latest collaboration choice we suggest you go do your homework on this little brand called Poler Stuff. In basic terms it’s the sort of clothing brand that supports the traveling ethics that most skaters, surfers, cyclist etc are instilled with along with acknowledging the fun adventures you can have in your nearest woods/hills/mates settee etc… There is good reason why brands like Girl skateboards, Raen Optics and the amazing Stumptown Coffee have all shared exclusive collabs with the Oregon based outdoor gear specialist. Simply put they just come correct on all fronts.


We’ll be bringing you more from these guys soon as we await our Manchester exclusive Winter collection but for now scan below and enjoy the Alex Craig (yeah same guy who made the legendary H’him Bam) produced clip with the Fucking Awesome Alex Olson.



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