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Sunday, September 11th, 2016


Yesterday marked the 15 year ‘Anniversary’ of the twin towers disaster.

All opinions and differences aside, I’m gonna segway this into the golden era of the NYC/Philly Scene.

As I am aware of the skateboard industry was hit hard by the economical effects of the disaster, this did not hinder the constant coverage coming out of the area.

With Photosynthesis (2000) already making its rounds in skateshops and Mosaic (2003) on the way, it was obvious that the skaters in the area were not deterred from recent events.


Alright. Im just gonna go ahead and turn this piece around to what I really want to talk about.

The O.C

If you know me, you’ll know about my obsession with this dudes footage. His clips are far and few between, sharing parts since his 92′ debute in Eastern Exposure 3



To me he just does it right, does the tricks I like, the way I want to see them done.

It seems the scene today is all over the place and people are reverting back to the ‘golden era’ you know what i am on about, Cut off pants, fakie varial flips ect. Not pointing fingers here I’m doing it too. but hey! History repeats itself…



Not so Arguably, the best shared part of all time. Ying and Yang and all that shit.



My personal favorite, the bs flip sw back nose is way ahead of its time. He said but wait there’s more (I’m paraphrasing here) and placed the flip on the out.

In my opinion he is the perfect example of the ongoing equation of style + tricks = ? the perfect balance of trying hard and pulling shit off like its a daily thing. I can’t put my finger on it but I’m gonna leave it like this. Tim was low profile but he had something that cant be found in today’s over saturated, over stimulated, over produced skateboard media. We wont be seeing anything like this for a while.

100% skateboarding.

not 20% skateboarding 30% product placement 20% pre set mise-en-scene yadadada… YA GET ME!



I leave you with some recently unearthed gold.