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Pizza Skateboards – Asphalt Romance

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017


Asphalt Romance is the latest visual offering from Pizza Skateboards, it’s a new video that was filmed on a team trip to Japan and South Korea. This lot do not disappoint when it comes to skate trip videos, the edits of their missions to Barcelona and Puerto Rico really stood out and were filled with some real gnarly tricks so the thought of them hitting up those sick looking east Asian obstacles is a must watch. Expect some heavy skateboarding on some unaccustomed streets and incredible spots with power moves from Chase Webb, Michael Pulizzi, Jesse Vieira and Adam Taylor.



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Pizza Skateboards “Prepare the Video”

Sunday, March 12th, 2017


Everybody’s favorite food related skateboards – also know as Pizza Skateboards are back with a new visual treat called ‘Prepare The Video’. At first glance you may think it’s a bit on the short side to be called full length but the skating that’s packed in to eleven minutes does it justice. Loads of people have and still are travelling to Barcelona on filming missions, so if you want your footage and video to stand out from the crowd you better had put the effort in. The Pizza crew go way beyond the call of duty in this one, a killer edit with raw skating on all those superb Spanish spots. Click play to see a slice of Chase Webb, Mike Pulizzi, Jesse Vieira and Ducky Kovacs getting deep in Barca.



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Rough Cut: Chase Webb’s “Welcome to Pizza” Part

Thursday, June 9th, 2016




Not too long ago a young ripper called Chase Webb released a part for Pizza Skateboards and it was nothing but spectacular. This young chap blew everyone out of the water with his grown up style that combines technical abilities with balls as some of the spots he skates wouldn’t be considered by the rest of us. I am a huge fan of this guy and now thanks to Thrasher Magazine we can watch the ‘Rough Cut: Chase Webb’s “Welcome to Pizza” Part’. A part that lets you in behind the scenes so maybe we can understand the effort that was put into making this part. It’s quite annoying really because it seems like he managed to land everything with ease and it all seemed effortless. He is obviously just a natural ripper, this guy rocks. This Rough Cut part couldn’t have come out at a better time too as we are expecting a big drop of Pizza Skateboards that will hopefully be available to purchase from tomorrow, so keep those eyes peeled as I’m sure like the last drop, they will fly off the shelves.


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