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Primitive Skateboards Tiago Lemos Pro

Friday, November 16th, 2018


Primitive Skateboards Tiago Lemos Pro


You simply cannot not like Tiago Lemos skating. Sorry if you disagree but we feel he’s the ‘skater’s skater’ and just an all round pop/style/smiley ruler on the skateboard front. Oh and if this is all new information for you, head over to YouTube and play some catch-up on the don himself Tiago. You won’t be disappointed, pure gold raw skateboarding at it’s finest.


Hyped to see this short (but oh so sweet) Primitive Skateboards Tiago Lemos Pro welcome clip. Be sure to support the Brazilian powerhouse when his Pro deck drops in the U.K later this month. Expected to be available in store and online from Monday 26th November.





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Follow Primitive Skateboard Instagram




Primitive Skateboards – The Pendleton Zoo Video

Monday, July 10th, 2017


Primitive Skateboards present their newest edit Pendleton Zoo. With the streets, plazas and the areas that surround Barcelona being the holy grail in the skate world the Primitive team thought it was only right to go in search. Diego Najera, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, Mark Zaprazny and Bastien Salabanzi flew out there and came back with a heap of footage filmed at some OG spots and some new brand new marble treasures.



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Shane O’Neill ‘Cutting Room Floor’

Saturday, July 1st, 2017



Released by Aussie mag ‘The Skateboarder’s Journal and accompanied by a interview that took place in 2015, Shane O’Neill once again takes our breath away with his skills. Made up of footage that would be considered as ‘throw away’ stuff this really shows how this lad takes the biscuit. With some of these tricks dating back to his pre Primitive days it was no wonder that P-rod got him on board. Press play now to see some of the best down under shredding your ever likely going to see.



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Carlos Ribeiro – “Juice” Part

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017


This section is hard to comprehend how good it really is. Carlos Ribeiro just sent a message out to the world, he’s coming to skate and destroy your ledges. Primitive Skateboards Brazilian powerhouse comes through with some serious pop but just saying that doesn’t really do Carlos justice. His trick combinations are next level and explode in front of your eyes, some of the moves he manages to pull off in this are mind-boggling. Before you start thinking oh here we go, another ledge and manual inspired four minutes think again, keep your eyes peeled for some hefty hucks and some serious rail bangers to close things out. This is an incredibly deep part so click play now.



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Marek Zaprazny-Primitive Skate International Ambassador

Monday, November 21st, 2016


Marek Zaprazny’s hard work has payed off as he finds himself a spot on the international Primitive Skateboards team. This is his first full part for them and is crammed with smooth tech and numerous stacked stair counts from start to finish. You’ll be watching this one more than once or twice we bet. Click play below to witness some next level board control from the Slovakian ripper as he shreds through the streets of Spain.



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Primitive x Biggie Collection

Thursday, June 16th, 2016


Primitive have taken things to the next level by joining forces with the Notorious BIG estate for their next exclusive and limited drop. So if you appreciate good hip hop and are a fan of Biggie, as I’m sure quite a lot of you are then this is the drop for you. It is an officially endorsed collection, although stock is very limited so if you’re interested already, you best keep those eyes peeled because as always, with drops like these, they fly off the shelves. Before we take a little look at the collection it wouldn’t be right without having some Biggie playing in the background so here’s one of my favorite tracks, Juicy.



Who’s on a hype now then, I certainly am. Lets have a little look below at what’s to be expected in one of skateboarding’s latest drop, the Primitive x Biggie one.


biggie t-shirt cropped


biggie boards



Brian Peacock Pro For Primitive

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


After teasing his first pro board at Agenda Long Beach this past January, Primitive Skateboards officially announced that Brian Peacock would be joining the pro ranks over the weekend. The announcement comes with a brand new part from Newark, Delaware’s finest board control wizard. He’s been smashing it for a while now and from the three minutes or so of footage it’s easy to see why. Click play below to see the master of casual crushing!



You can keep up with Brian by following him on Instagram 


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Devine Calloway Pro For Primitive

Monday, February 1st, 2016


Everybody loves a good come back! Devine Calloway certainly has had the best comeback of the year so far! After parting ways with Chocolate some years ago, it seemed that Devine fell off skateboarding’s radar all together. No photo’s or any footage really emerged, and unfortunately people began to think that was it, he’s done. Then after a while he started to pop up in some Primitive clips with Brian Peacock, and you could tell that he was still taking his skating really seriously. Primitive released this clip earlier today announcing Devine’s pro status! It’s pretty obvious from this clip that Devine is back and getting better than ever, so I wont be surprised if we see more from him in the coming future!



Keep up with Devine Calloway and give him a follow on Instagram !



Primitive Holiday 13′

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Primitive Apparel was started by Street League legend Paul Rodriguez in California around 2008 as a Skate and Street wear boutique shop.  After a great deal of success ‘P.Rod’ decided to step up the game and started producing high aesthetic clothing similar to the apparel he would stock in his shop.
Primitive have bought some fresh, California inspired garments to the Holiday 13′ line which is now available in-store and online!  Take a look at some of the items below from our staff picks..


The Primitive Vultures Black Letterman Jacket is a fine garment made from a combination of 50% polyester and 50% wool for comfort and style. The jacket features denim covered snap button closure, ribbed cuffs and hemming with an inside pocket made from denim. The front left breast of the jacket features embroidered ‘Primitive Vultures’ detail. Priced at £89.95.



The Primitive Cultivated Black Hoodie is made from 100% cotton and features Primitive ‘Cultivated’ graphics, front kangaroo style pocket and pull-string hood closure. Priced at £54.95.


Primitive Seasons Hunter Green T-Shirt is 100% cotton, seasonal ‘hunter green’ crew-neck tee with the ‘Seasons’ leaves graphic on the front featuring the classic Primitive signature logo. Not forgetting the small Primitive ‘P’ embroidered on the bottom left hem to finish it off, which you will find on all Primitive Tee’s and Hoodies. Priced at £ 24.95.

The Black Pom Beanie P features Primitive detailing, made from 100% Acrylic for extra warmth with front fold up construction for style and comfort. Priced at £22.95.