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Long Live Southbank – The Bigger Picture

Thursday, March 24th, 2016




Southbank is one of the UK’s most influential spots and is located in the heart of our capital, London. For a huge number of years this spot has been skated by generation after generation, then in the past couple of years the good people at Southbank have been doing their best to keep this place going as it was supposed to be redeveloped. That would’ve meant an iconic landmark for tourism and skateboarding would have been destroyed then replaced with your average Starbucks etc. That was not an option as it has been a second home for a load of skaters from all over the world. After a lot of hard work the good people at Long Live Southbank with the help from some of the public won the prolonged debate and you can expect to see this spot for another number of years now which is obviously great news! The first documentary that is featured below is ‘You Can’t Move History’ and it features interviews with not only some of the skaters who have frequented over the years (such as Jason Caines, Jenna Selby, Domas Glatkauskas, Joey Pressey, Henry Edwards-Wood and Louis Woodhead), but also the lawyers, community activists and other assorted behind the scenes types who helped keep the space safe for skateboarders. It is well worth putting the kettle on and kicking back for..




Skateboarding doesn’t get more interesting than that in my eyes, the community coming together as one is great and hopefully we shall see more of that in the future. The second documentary below ‘The Bigger Picture’ also goes into huge depth about skateboarding’s longest surviving spots. Filmed and edited by local Henry Edwards-Wood it is yet another inspiring documentary that is once again worth watching.



It doesn’t take a lot of brains to see how important that place is to a huge amount of people. Long Live Southbank (the good people who have worked so hard to keep Southbank) have also released a book that features images from the start to this very day. It is an celebration of the history and culture of the Under-croft area of Southbank and the community that has evolved there over the years. It is definitely one to add to the collection. Hit the link below to grab your copy.


If you would also like to support this great cause then simply follow ‘Long Live Southbank‘ on various social media sites that are displayed below:






Also, if you are ever in London you’d be stupid not to make space during your visit to see one of the most creative spaces the UK has to offer. You will be more than welcomed and maybe you’ll be able to understand into more detail why that spot is so important to the area and skateboarding as a whole. Keep it as it is!


If you also want to donate any spare change to a good cause then do it now..